Ideal tourist destinations for couples in Japan: Part 1 (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Koshinetsu and Hokuriku.)


Are you planning to visit Japan with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

There are many place which are ideal for couples to have a romantic time all over Japan.

Some have fantastic views, and others are regarded as sacred spots which give you romantic luck.


In part 1, I introduce those spots in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Koshinetsu and Hokuriku areas!

(Those in Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa areas will be introduced in part 2.)


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1. Mt. Moiwa (藻岩山) ― Hokkaido

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Mt. Moiwa (藻岩山) is a renowned spot for beautiful night views of Sapporo city.

Night scene from the mountain is also famous for one of the three spots with beautiful night scene in Hokkaido.

Because of it, some people say that the outstanding night scene is almost equal to the three most reputed spots for night scene, Hakodate in Hokkaido, Kobe in Hyogo, and Nagasaki.


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2. Hottai waterfall (法体の滝) ― Akita


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The fall is chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful waterfall in Japan (in Japanese, “日本の滝百選”).

It has beautiful nature around the fall in all season, with bright green leaves in summer, red coloured leaves in autumn, and clear white snow in winter.

You will be relaxed by the fantastic scenery and negative ion emitted from the fall!


For more information about Hottai waterfall, visit the site.




3. Spa Resort Hawaiians (スパリゾート ハワイアンズ) ― Fukushima


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Overcoming many difficulties after the East Japan Earthquake in 2011, now Spa Resort Hawaiians is again regarded as an ideal spot for couples and families.

It established when only few people in Japan could visit Hawaii, the most popular travel destination for Japanese, for the purpose of enabling people feel as if they were in Hawaii.

Still now, a great number of people visit there, for enjoying everlasting summer in Spa Resort Hawaiians in every season.


For more information on Spa Resort Hawaiians, visit the site.



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4. Lockhart Castle  ― Gunma


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Lockhart Castle is a theme park which reproduced an old castle in medieval Europe.

The spot makes you feel as if you are now in a beautiful garden in England in that period, thus is ideal for couples.

You may feel you become a prince or a princess in that castle!


For more information about Lockhart Castle, visit the site.





5. Tokyo Disney Resort ― Chiba


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Maybe I don’t need to explain what Tokyo Disney Resort is about.

It’s the theme park that most of people have already known.

In Japan, visiting Tokyo Disney Sea at night is popular among couples, because of the beautiful illuminations around a harbor.

I’m sure you can spend romantic time.


For more information about Tokyo Disney Resort, visit the site.




6. Enoshima (江の島) ― Kanagawa


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It’s not too much to say that Enoshima is one of the most favorite spot for dating in Kanto area.

Foods are great, Enoshima aquarium is very interesting, a night view with candles around sea is romantic, and the nature in the area is beautiful.

If you have difficulty in determining where to go with your boyfriend or girlfriend, choose Enoshima as a destination!


For more information about Enoshima, visit the site.





7. Koibito-misaki (恋人岬) ― Niigata


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Koibito-misaki is known as a sacred spot for the fulfillment of love.

There are five bells around the spot, and couples ring that bells as many times as your wishes with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s said that it becomes more effective to write your wishes on a heart-shaped plate.


For more information on Koibito-misaki, visit the site.




8. Higashi-chaya District (東茶屋街) ― Ishikawa


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Higashi-chaya district has old streets and houses, which look what Japan was like in old days.

Here, let’s try to wear kimono!

When you and your boyfriend/girlfriend wear kimonos and walk around the town together, it must be an amazing experience.

I also recommend the fantastic night scene of the district.


For more information about Higashi-chaya district, visit the site.





9. Kenrokuen (兼六園) ― Ishikawa


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Kenrokuen is very famous for a Japanese-style garden, and it’s regarded as one of the three beautiful gardens in Japan.

It can be said that the garden embodies the beauties of nature in every season, for it shows distinct views in every season.

The garden may be ideal for mature couples.


For more information about Kenrokuen, visit the site.





10. Achi village (阿智村) ― Nagano


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Achi village is chosen by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan as the spot where you can see the most shining stars in Japan.

It must be a romantic time to see the clearest sky and the most shining stars with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


For more information about Achi village, visit the site.






How was it?
I hope this list is helpful to plan a date!



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