Escape from the heat of late summer! The amazing highlands with cool weather and beautiful nature around Kanto area


For those who are tired of the lingering summer heat in Japan, why not stay in a highland around Kanto area?


There are some highlands where have easy access from Tokyo.

With cool weather in a whole day, uncountable stars in the sky, and beautiful nature, you must be able to refresh yourself!

Today, I introduce several highlands around Kanto area.

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(1)   Kamikochi (上高地) in Nagano prefecture


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Kamikochi is renowned for the great view of “Japan Alps.” You will be surprised not only at the landscape but also at rivers, which are very transparent and clear. If you have a good luck, you may see wild animals, such as squirrels and monkeys.


Staying there, I’m sure you feel the nature and live together in harmony!


For more information on Kamikochi, visit the site.

(2)   Karuizawa (軽井沢) in Nagano prefecture


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It’s not too much to say that Karuizawa is the most popular highland in Japan.

In summer, men and women of all ages visit there in order to escape from the heat.

Its popularity is not only because of the beautiful nature, but also of having many cafes and shops in which sell small fashionable products.


For more information on Karuizawa, visit the site.

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(3)   Kiyosato kogen (清里高原) in Yamanashi prefecture


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If you visit Kiyosato kogen, don’t miss eating a soft ice cream! It’s one of the most popular bland ice cream. Other than that, you can expect delicious foods there, because the highland has not only beautiful landscape, but also many stock farms.


If you prefer to do something actively for refreshing yourself, why don’t you visit “Moegi-no-mura (萌木の村)”?

It offers you opportunities to make a music box and wood crafts.

There are many restaurants and souvenir shops in it, and you can taste local beer as well.


For more information on Kiyosato kogen, visit the site.



(4)   Nasu (那須) in Tochigi prefecture


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Nasu is one of the easiest highland to visit from Tokyo, and a lot of people visit there regardless of season.

Especially it’s very popular among young couples, because it’s famous as “a sacred spot for couples.”



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There are various museums in Nasu, but I strongly recommend “Nasu Stained Glass Museum(那須ステンドグラス美術館).”

It’s really beautiful and romantic, and you will feel as if you are somewhere different.


For more information on Nasu, visit the site.




(5)   Marunuma kogen (丸沼高原) in Gunma prefecture

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Famous for Oze(尾瀬), a preservation area with various alpine plants and ski areas, it’s a good destination for plenty of people in every season.

When you get tired of walking in a long distance, take a footbath at the top of the mountain. It’s located on the last stop of aerial tramway at 2,000m elevation. Refresh yourself with the footbath and a splendid landscape!


After enjoying hiking and feeling nature in the daytime, don’t forget to look at the sky with an uncountable number of stars!

I’m sure you get amazed.


For more information on Oze, visit the site.




(6)   Yachiho kogen (八千穂高原) in Nagano prefecture


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The highland Yachiho kogen has the largest habitat of white birch trees.

You can enjoy beautiful views of these trees and seasonal flowers while trekking.

A camping site is not far from the trekking course, thus it’s a good choice to camp. A lake near the site is clear and transparent, and you will have a good time to do fishing.


For more information on Yachiho kogen, visit the site.



(7)   Kirigamine kogen (霧ケ峰高原) in Nagano prefecture


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Kirigamine kogen boosts beautiful plants and flowers, which make many people repeat to visit over and over. Along with a pathway, they welcome you in every season!


As you can imagine from the name “Kirigamine,” the highland is famous for fog (kiri, in Japanese). It’s worth seeing the transit from foggy to sunny and clear views. It’s too beautiful for words.


For more information on Kirigamine, visit the site.






How was it?

Let’s escape from the heat and relax!



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