Enjoy Nagasaki ! Tourist Attraction and Winter Event

Nagasaki is located in the Western part of Kyushu and is the international city that lasts since the Edo Period. It is also known as that Nagasaki was only approved trading with other countries in the Period of National Isolation. Now, let me show you this exotic city, Nagasaki today. Let’s check it out !

Glover Garden

Refer to this site: http://maxcarter.seesaa.net/article/128160734.html

Glover Garden that was opened in 1974 is loved by many people regardless of generation as a tourist resort representing Nagasaki. Flowers are arranged everywhere in the garden and you can enjoy the joy of loving the flowers every season whenever you visit. It’s also recommended that Glover Garden commands a superb view of Inasayama and Nagasaki Port.

【Glover Garden】
(access) JR Nagasaki station → (Nagasaki Electric Railway/transit at Tsukimachi) → Ishibashi → 5minutes walk → Glover Garden
(URL) http://www.glover-garden.jp/

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Refer to this site: http://www.nagasaki-tabinet.com/guide/115/

The night view of Nagasaki is known as one of three major Japanese night views. We can see not only night view, but also city center of Nagasaki, Unzen, Amakusa, and Goto Islands from Inasayama. The view from the ropeway is also special !

(access) JR Nagasaki station → (route bus(for Inasayama)/10minutes) → Inasayama
(URL) http://inasayama.net/


Huis Ten Bosch


Refer to this site: http://ma-ch.net/hikari-no-oukoku/

Huis Ten Bosch, as a single theme park boasting the largest scale in Japan, is an amusement center that reproduces the townscape of Netherlands. We can enjoy daily events and seasonal scenery. There are tickets to enjoy various attractions such as 1DAY passport(6,700yen), the ticket of lighting up(3,800~5,100yen), and only entrance fee ticket(4,200yen), etc.

【Huis Ten Bosch】
(access)Nagasaki Airport → (bus/50minutes) → Huis Ten Bosch
Nagasaki station → (Nagasaki Honsen Seaside Liner/90minutes) → Huis Ten Bosch
(URL) https://www.huistenbosch.co.jp/

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Nagasaki Bio Park

Refer to this site: http://ameblo.jp/44231010/entry-12113521151.html

Nagasaki Bio Park is a zoo that we can come into contact with various kinds of animals more closely. We can feed a lot of animals directly. This is an amazing spot where people from adults to small children can enjoy !

【Nagasaki Bio Park】
(access) Nagasaki Airport → (bus/55minutes) → Huis Ten bosch → (free shuttle bus/45minutes) → Bio Park
(URL) http://www.biopark.co.jp/en/


Gunkanjima (Hashima)


The Gunkanjima, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is called “ Battleship Island “ as it resembles the Japanese Navy’s warship. From the Meiji Period to the Showa Period, this island flourished by seabed coal mines and the population density was over Tokyo, but now it is an uninhabited island by the closure of mine in 1974. Gunkanjima are also known as that it became the model of some famous films such as “ Dead City “.

(access) Please refer to the URL below (you need to participate in the landing tour on Gunkanjima)
(URL) http://www.nagasaki-tabinet.com/detail/index_51797.html


Nagasaki Peace Park

Refer to this site:

Nagasaki Peace Park is a park built with wish for world peace and vow in order not to repeat cruel war again. There is a big “ Peace Memorial Statue “ inside the park. The right hand pointing to the sky is put the feeling of “threat of atomic bomb “, the left hand being stretched horizontally is contained a wish of “ peace “.

【Nagasaki Peace Park】
(access) JR Nagasaki station → (tramway/12minutes) → Matsuyamamachi →3minutes → Peace Park
(URL) http://www.nagasaki-tabinet.com/detail/index_130.html


Megane Bridge

Refer to this site: http://togeikankou.seesaa.net/article/138801976.html

Megane Bridge is the oldest twin arch shaped stone bridge in Japan crossing the Nakashima River.

Refer to this site: http://www.jalan.net/kankou/spt_42201ae2180021618/

Heartstone at the riverwall is gathering popularity as a power spot where we can wish for love.

【Megane Bridge】
(access) JR Nagasaki station → (tramway/4minutes) → Koukaido-mae → 8minutes walk → Megane Bridge
(URL) http://www.nagasaki-tabinet.com/guide/95/


Winter Event in Nagasaki

Nagasaki Lantern Festival


The winter tradition in Nagasaki, “ Nagasaki Lantern Festival “ is the famous event that we Japanese celebrate Chinese New Year. Including the Chinatown in Nagasaki Shinchi, about 15 thousand lanterns and large objects are decorated fantastically and it colors the center of Nagasaki city.It is now being held from Jan.28~Feb.11.

【Nagasaki Lantern Festival】
(access) JR Nagasaki station → (tramway/6minutes) → Tsukimachi → 2minutes walk → Event site
(URL) http://www.at-nagasaki.jp/festival/lantern/


Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Lights


At night, the town of Huis Ten Bosch is completely transformed into a sparkling city. Castle, canals, Ferris wheel, and the garden etc. are illuminated by the beautiful lights. It will be held until May.7, 2017. If you visit Nagasaki, it’s a must-see.

【Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Lights】
(access) Nagasaki Airport → (bus/50minutes) → Huis Ten Bosch
Nagasaki station → (Nagasaki Honsen Seaside Liner/90minutes) →
Huis Ten Bosch
(URL) http://www.huistenbosch.co.jp/event/hikari/



Refer to this site: http://www.tabirai.net/sightseeing/feature/nagasaki-kanko.aspx

Nagasaki has contributed to Japan as the various bases of industrial development so much. It retains different landscape from other Japanese cities due to the influence of cultural influx from foreign countries and the townscape with many slopes. I love Nagasaki that leaves unique culture and history very much.


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