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  2. Three Convenient Meeting Places in Tokyo! -part 2-

Three Convenient Meeting Places in Tokyo! -part 2-

I tell you three more meeting places following part 1!

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4. Is Platform best for a meeting place in Shinagawa station?

Where Is the Best Spot in Crowded Shinagawa Station

A post formed train is a good mark inside ticket gates in Shinagawa station. Triangle rock is the typical meeting place in concourse of Central ticket gates exit. Though, the Central ticket gates exit is extremely large and the concourse pass through from the East and the West. So, there are always many passengers.

When you head for East, Konan exit, you find a ticket office for Tokaido bullet train, Starbucks coffee in front of the office and an entrance of Atre (It is the building to have various shops) over there, which can be nice for meeting places. Or, an entrance of Wing Takanawa, which is a shopping building, may be better to wait. You can go there by crossing the traffic intersection after you are out of the station from Takanawa exit, the West.

If you are inside ticket gates, it is fun to stay around a unique post which has Syonan railway’s face in a place where you can look down the stair to platform 5 and 6(The platform is for the main Tokaido line). If you seek sparser area, platform 9 and 10 for Joban line is good in the afternoon. It is very long platform which enables long trains which has 15 carriages to stop so you should set where in the platform to meet or you may be lost. You can see a waiting space after you walk a bit from the stair. The waiting space is nice to see someone because there is a big screen in front of benches for about 25 people. You won’t be bored.

5. Shibuya station has a lot of meeting places.

14480524230_fa06f99e32_z It is convenient to meet at the exit of Hanzomon line in Shibuya station on rainy day. The monument of a royal dog Hachiko is famous, needless to say. Though, you may feel dizzy because too many people are standing around the rather small statue. Recently, there is no one in very front of the statue so you can find it easily. Also, many are waiting for some around the train body of old Tokyu 5000 series called a green frog near the statue.

In addition, it is good to wait around an exit of Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line while raining. It is so wide for the exit of Tokyo Metro that you won’t bother other passengers as long as you stand aside. You are able to find a Moai statue where you see by going to southern direction in the same West side. There are fewer people around the statue and it is easy-going. However, smoking area is behind the statue, so those who don’t like smoking smell should avoid it.

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6.The alternative area for the front of the East police office is here in Shinjuku station.

A hidden spot for railway buffs is in Shinjuku station.

The typical meeting place is the East police office which you see in the right hand of underground square after you go through the West exit. Another common spot is Eyes of Shinjuku, but many people are always passing because it is located aside the passage to Tokyo municipal office.

So, how about a good shop TRAINS of Odakyu near the ticket gate for local trains of Odakyu line in the West underground? If you are a railway enthusiast, you won’t be bored while waiting. When you go to Hakone by Odakyu Romancecar, Romancecar café in front of the platform for Romancecar is the ideal place to stay. It is the wonderful comfortable spot to relax before you are on board.

Alps square inside ticket gate for JR line is the typical meeting place too. You will find space to wait around the place around the service counter of Hato bus and ATM. Or you may find some time when Lion square inside the bus terminal isn’t crowded and you can wait there.

The original article is here: http://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/133002

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