Short nails are cool for summer! Give a good impression with your short nails.

Summer is coming! When you wear cool outfits, why don’t you cut your nails short to be more fresh and cool?

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Short nails are cool and cute for summer!


Short nails look clean and good for summer. When you have your hair cut short or do an updo,  why don’t cut your nails short, too? Short nails feel really cool when it’s hot in summer and they leave good impression on people around. This time we’ll show you summer nail designs for short nails, which are really cute and cool.

Get Feminine hands with unique french manicure!

Clean and pure unique summer french


This short nail design is good for summer parties or dates. The color and the crystals on short nails enhance your pure impression.

Unique french manicure for gala parties


This unique french gel nails with stones bring out the charm of short nails. They are gorgeous but neat and clean, so good for summer events or gala parties.

Short nails are still so cute!


Cute unique french manicure with studs.  Colorful tiptoes casually go well on summer cutie ladies.

Perfect for summer! Unfinished nailing

Clear appearance of unfinished nailing is so cool.


Do you like clear nailing? If so, why don’t you try this artistic unfinished nailing? Unfinished nailing on short nails are liked by people around.

Fresh green color is natural and cute.


Fresh green color, which is suggestive of summer grassland and is pleasant to the eyes, is good for resort events for adults.

Cute and artistic short nails with bilaterally symmetric color


Unfinished nailing with bilaterally symmetric color is cute and pop. That gorgeous short nails are good for summer energetic outing.

How cool! Simple one-color nailing for summer

Red color on short nails seems brilliant and happy.


Red color is usually too hot for summer nails, but it’s so brilliant and cute on short nails.

Very recommendable one-color nailing for summer events!

One-color nailing makes you so summery!


With soft and fresh blue one-color short nailing your hands obtain full of cleanliness.

Feminine hands with one-color plus stone nailing


You may want to go to summer parties with fresh and gorgeous hands. Your hands will be gorgeous and feminine with this pink one-color short nailing and stones.

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White is always good for summer! White short nails

Neat, tidy and modest white color plus black


Neat and clean white short nailing gives feminine impression. With black marble color, it also gets intelligence, which is perfect for mature ladies.

Fresh and cute white flower nails


White flowers on clean and tidy short nails are lovely. The nailing makes your hands so summery and feminine.

Short nails can be gorgeous with white and  gold color!


White and gold color is still gorgeous on short nails. They color your hands so clean and gorgeously for summer dates.

Cute marble nails

Blue color is really good for summer nailing.


Blue and clear marble nailing brings fresh summer impression on your short nails. It’s good for casual resort fashion for adults.

Marble nails with bilaterally symmetric color is so fashionable!


Marble nails with bold colors like red and blue makes your short nails cute and mature.

Girlish nails with pink marble color


Girlish pink marble nail is recommendable for short nails to be more cute.

Intellectual and cool: Short nails for adults

The artistic design makes your nails mature and beautiful.


Clear and artistic nails on short and clean nails create a splendid atmosphere in parties of mature ladies.

Dark colors like navy can be intellectual


Navy color is good on intelligent ladies, but it’s heavy in summer. But it really suits on short nails and they become intellectual and elegant.

Black and gold color combination can be cool


Mature colors like black and gold can be so cool and elegant on clear short nails.


How did you like the short nails? There are many designs of cute and fresh short nails for summer, which shall be loved by people around. If you’d like to cut your hair and nails short in summer, why don’t you make your nails elegant and fresh with very likable short nails?


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