Japanese famous medical drama Shiroi Kyoto( The White Tower)

Greatest novel of Toyoko Yamasaki

Japanese great novelist Toyoko Yamasaki has left many famous novel. Shiroi Kyoto (The White Tower)is one of the most greatest novel of her masterpieces.
It has been adapted into film in 1966 and after that, twice as television mini series. First is 1979 and 2nd is 2003.

Movie version and first series was played by Jirou Tamiya, and 2nd was played by Toshiyuki Karasawa who is one of the attractive actors in Japan.
Now, I want to introduce 2nd version basically.


source:http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/912200224.html Two opposite characters Gorou Zaizen and Shuji Satomi.

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Medical malpractice and judgement

This main story theme is not only medical malpractice also human relationship at university Hospital that has specific hierarchy among doctors. Main hero Gorou Zaizen is the surgery specialized to esophageal cancer (on original and 1st version, he was specialized to stomach cancer)at Naniwa University hospital. This university locates in Osaka, and it is said that model of Naniwa University is Osaka university in Osaka. Actually most of university descriebed on this original novel and drama have model. Naniwa also name of the place in Osaka.
Gorou Kurokawa was self-supporting student, because his father died when he was a child.Later, he has been son of low of Mataichi Zaizen who running gynecology clinic. Mataichi has strong complex to professor of University, therefore he deeply clings to making Gorou to professor of Naniwa University. At first, Mataichi’s attitude to Gorou was inaccessibly, but he loved Gorou as real son at the end.

Gorou is an ambitious man who was hoped to be next professor after resigning his former teacher Teizou Azuma, but Teizou doubted Gorou’s way of thinking and shamelesness in his attitude. Through tough election, finally Gorou has been professor, but one of his patient….

What is the justice?

Gorou’s patient Mr. Sasaki has dead because of medical treatment mistake.

Gorou had to give a speech at international surgical conference held in Warsaw and he has not check Mr. Sasaki’s  condition even though his former classmate physician Shuji Satomi whose attitude is patient first advised to check Mr. Sasaki’s sickness again and again, Gorow just ordered administration of a medicine that has not effected Mr. Sasaki’s sickness. His sickness  was concerned as early stage of esophagus cancer by Gorou, but actually this cancer already spread to lungs from primary lesion.



source:http://naoko-graz.blog.jp/archives/4176100.html What’s means Gorou standing on the rail at Auschwitz concentration camp?

After dying Mr. Sasaki, his family decided to fight in a court to Naniwa university. Gorou and other his side doctors belonging to Naniwa university also made their preparation with the most studious care not to be lose.  After several times of judgment, Naniwa university has lost the case after all and suddenly Gorou fell down at the court. Actually, He was affected in the lungs like his patient Mr. Sasaki ironically.

Unquestionably,  Gorou was an ambitious man and he purchased his honor to be professor insatiably. But we can not to blame his fault  juste because he did an incorrect diagnosis and just ordered administration of a medicine by other young doctor.

Gorou sufferd from last stage of cancer, and finally he had dead with leaving will.



source: http://mensdrip.com/entertainment/dorama-sityouritu-200031

Through his will, we can understand his chagrin, mortification and feeling regret. It maybe said that he was one of victim of this privileged class organization at university. After airing in Japan, this drama was aired in China, Korea, and Taiwan. In Taiwan, “The White Tower” is a pronoun of the medical society. (But Taiwanese drama “The hospital” was written by Hou Weng Yong. just similar title when it transcribed in Kanji (Chines Character))

This drama is surely worth watching still now. If you have chance to watch it with subtitle, please check it. You can find many problem of this society in Japan.


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