How should a pregnant woman deal with fever when they feel sick? Things that you need to think when you are pregnant and have a fever.



For women, it’s when they are pregnant that you need to think of their health more than before.

Many expecting mothers rethink their lifestyle for giving birth to a healthy baby.

When they have a fever, they feel very anxious, because they don’t know whether it’s better to see a doctor or to deal with it, or whether they visit an internal medicine clinic or an obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

There’s not a clear criterion about it.


Here, I’m giving you pieces of information about the ways a pregnant women deals with a fever.

Check it, and be ready to deal with it calmly!

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1. what she need to do when an expecting mother has a fever…



What an expecting mother is worried about most of all is an effect on her baby.

She often is so anxious about a fever, about which she wouldn’t think so much when she wasn’t pregnant.


Here is a criterion for determining when to go to see a doctor and which doctor to see.


* If a fever is 37.0 – 37.9 ℃

For those whose average temperature is around the 36.0 degrees range, the fever does not harm your baby.

You can stay home to have enough rest.

However, if your fever lasts two to three days, it’s better to see a doctor.



* If your fever is more than 38.0℃

In this condition, it’s necessary for you to see a doctor as soon as possible and bring down fever because it could give a baby some bad effect.

In fact, the average temperature of unborn babies is higher than that of expecting mothers in 0.5 degrees, and unborn babies are sometimes affected by fever.



* An internal medicine clinic, or an obstetrics and gynecology clinic?

You must visit an obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

Obstetricians are specialist to see expecting mothers and unborn babies, and they will offer sound advice, which is suitable for your gestation cycle.

I advise that you should call an obstetrician to have advice whether you should go to see him or not.


I don’t recommend to see an internal medicine doctor when you are pregnant, because some of these doctors do not figure out medicine that cannot be prescribed to a pregnant woman.

You had better to visit there only if an obstetrician introduces to you an internal medicine clinic that can see a pregnant woman.


When you think you need to visit an ENT clinic, you have to call the clinic, not forgetting to tell that you are pregnant.





2. Things that you need to do when you take a rest at home.



When you have 37.0 – 37.9 ℃ fever, you can do what you usually do when you have a fever.

Drink water a lot, and take a rest.

It’s nice to cool down your forehead, underarms and neck to bring down a fever.

If you are worried about it, having some advice from an obstetrician by phone will reassure you.


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3. Foods which give good effects on expecting mothers with fever



These are examples of foods that have a positive effect on them.

Try when you have a fever!


* Cucumber

* Bitter gourd

* Orange

* Strawberry

* Porridge

* Udon (hot one only!)

* Soup

* Simmered white fish



4. Five things that you have to be careful of



* Rest quietly

It’s not only because a high fever could give negative effects on an unborn baby, but also because you prevent from hitting yourself against something or falling down, that you have to rest quietly when you have a fever.

Even though you don’t have a high fever, you absolutely need to rest when you feel dazzling.


* Take enough nourishment and sleep

It’s what can be applied not only expecting mothers but also all people who have a fever.

So, eat enough and sleep well when you have a fever!


* Don’t forget to drink much water

You need to protect yourself from dehydration, which does harm not only to you but also unborn babies.

When you find yourself going to a toilet less than usual, it’s a danger sign.


* Using a mask

Using a mask may help you not have other disease from people around you.

When going to see an obstetrician, it also works well not to transmit cold to other pregnant women there.


* Not take medicine you bought at a drug store

It’s too dangerous to take medicine you bought at a drug store.

When you need to bring down fever as soon as possible, you must take medicine that an obstetrician prescribes for you.

If you take prescribed medicine, you have to confirm when you can stop taking it.

(It’s absolutely not good to continue to take it after you get well.)





How was it?

I hope it helps you, and you give birth to a healthy baby!



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