A latest trend of pencil case suitable for a new employee!


When you start working in a company as a new employee after graduating a school, you may have more opportunities to use a pencil case than that you imagine, such as, business seminars, documents to be filled out, and so on.

It might be OK, but doesn’t seem nice that you carry only a pen in a pocket.


Actually many use pencil cases that they bought when they were college students.

However, you’ll see a large variety of pencil cases which are functional, smart and cool at a store.

Don’t you think it’s a nice choice to buy a new pencil case to make a clean start as a member of society?


This time, I focus on latest trends of pencil cases which are popular among new employees and freshmen.

Check it, and have a most suitable one for you!


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1. Types of pencil cases recommended for a new employees and a freshman


There are two types of pencil cases that are convenient for them.


* A pencil case with a minimum capacity

It’s a small pencil case in which you can put two to three pens.

It doesn’t take up space in a bag, and easy to carry and take out from it.

In particular, those pencil cases made with leather are popular, because of its durability.


* A pencil case with large capacity

You can carry not only minimum tools of writing, but also some stationery which gives you convenience to do work.

A pencil case made with vinyl gives you various choices to you, and you will find a favorite one more easily.

That with a big zip fastener will help you to easily find the one you want to use, so it’s highly recommended.



2. Popular materials and capacity among members of society


* Materials

Leather is the most popular material for a pencil case, because of the durability.

A pencil case made with it is regarded as one for adults.

Finding a favorite one, you can work with it for a long time.

Another point is that leather lies comfortably in your hand, and the color changes gradually.

When your customers see it, they surely realize that you are a person who treats things well, which makes them trust you and think that you value clients or customers.


* Capacity

A small capacity of a pencil case is popular among working people for convenience these days.

However, they choose one with smart design, which makes people think that you are smart to choose a fine pencil case.

Here also, one made with leather is a material of choice by them.

PVC leather, a type of artificial leather widely used as a material of a pencil case, looks like real leather but has durability and color variety.

It may offer more choices of pencil cases, or enables you to find the most suitable one for you.


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3. Stationaries that will give you great convenience

* scissor

So often you need a scissor.

Some of you may think that a scissor is too big to put in a pencil case.

There are some scissors which are colorful and enough small to carry in a pencil case.

You may easily find one on the Internet!


* correction tape

These days people prefer a correction tape to a correction pen.

In particular, one with a slender body is a trend of correction tape.


* highlighter

One to two highlighters greatly help you to remember important information every time you have documents or handouts.

As you know, there are a tremendous variety of highlighters at a shop, thus just pick up your favorite shapes and colors!


* shachihata (シャチハタ)

Some of you know that Japanese people have stamps in which their surnames are curved in many occasions.

A shachihata is a type of stamps, which doesn’t need an ink pad, has a more convenient design to use, and is frequently used mainly in occasions not that official.

It has been becoming more fashionable to have more colors and designs.

Having a shachihata with a color and design you love will makes a job more fun!





How was it?


You may feel disappointed to see that your favorite pen makes the inside of your bag dirty.

If you have a favorite pencil case in your bag, it prevents your bag from getting dirty by a pen, and it also keeps up your motivation to work.


I hope you find a favorite one!


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