An ideal battery charger which revives your out-of-charge smartphone quickly!




Are you a heavy smartphone user?

If so, you may think that you would like to have a battery charger which get your smartphone or tablet as quick as possible.

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For those of you who need such a battery charger, I am going to introduce a good tool which is gathering people’s attention in Japan.

Shanhai Donya (上海問屋), a Japanese company which mainly sells PC-and-smartphone-related products on the Internet, released a battery charger “DN-91422252” on 28th of November.



Refer to the site:



It is a USB battery charger with two ports.

Surprisingly, the total maximum power output is 3.4A, and the maximum power output of each port is 2.4A, which means, you can get two devices recharged very quickly!

In addition, it costs only 999yen!



Refer to the site:



It attracts people not only because of its charging speed, but also the size.

It’s small, and the size is W45mm×D28.5mm×H52.0mm.

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In addition, a plug is foldable.



Refer to the site:



The compact size enables you to carry it around in your bag, suitcase or even a pocket, without any disturbance!

The charger must help you a lot when you travel, have a business trip, have a rest at a café, work in your office, and everywhere!


How was it?

I hope the charger helps you a lot!


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