Camping equipment that a beginner should bought!



Are you interested in family camp?

If you are a beginner to camp, and would like your family members enjoy camping, at first you must buy all of the tools needed for camping.

You may know that you need to buy so many things you have to buy for camping, but there are a large variety of camping goods.

Don’t you think it’s difficult to choose what to buy and which to buy?


Here, I’m going to give you pieces of advice about what to buy and how to choose for your first camp!

Let’s check it, and be ready for camping!

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1. How a beginner of family camp chooses tools for it?


* Tent

A dome-shaped tent is recommended for its easy-to-carry size.

It’s not only small and light, but also strong to wind.


* Tarp

I’m sure it will help you a lot.

It protects you from rain and strong sunshine.

You can stay under it to have meals, take a rest and have a chat with your family!


* Table and chair

Foldable tables and chairs are convenient to carry.

When you buy foldable chairs, don’t forget to check whether it’s comfortable to sit for a long time.



2. What is a convenient tool for cooking at a camp site?


* BBQ grill

Without BBQ, without camping!

It’s not an exaggration to say that camping and BBQ is inseparable.

For a family, a size of BBQ grill I recommend is 40cm.

A firelighter and a sack of chacoal are also must-buy items with it!


* burner

When you boil water or cook rice, it really helps you.

In particular, that with two stoves has more stable fire than that with only one stove.

In addition, for a beginner of family camp, gas cartridge type of burners are safer to use than those of gasoline type.


* Dishes

It depends on what you like.

If you prefer the easiness to buy, it’s a good choice to buy a set of dishes and cups for outdoor activities.

If you think the easiness to carry is your priority, disposable dishes and cups are convenient, because you need to carry less when you go back home after camping.


* cold box

You will definitely need one for carrying foods and drinks.

You should choose a cold box with more than 40 litters in capacity.

Remember, blue ice takes up more space than you’d imagine.

There are two types of cold boxes; hard type and soft type.

If you need to carry many foods and drinks, buy the both types, and use the former one mainly as a fridge at a camp site.

When a soft one is not in use, you can make it folded and it won’t take up space in a tarp.


* lantern

Both of a gas cartridge type of a lantern for a tarp and that of a battery type for a tent will be necessary.

A lantern also has a gasline type, but it’s not easy to use so not recommended for a beginner.


* cloths

Camp sites, most of which are located in nature, are cold at night, thus cloths which protect you from cold weather is absolutely needed to take with you.

A rain coat will also help you.

In daytime, a sandal will be comfortable to move between a tarp, a tent and a car.


* sleep bag

For a family, an envelop type of a sleep bag is convenient because it can connect to other ones of the same type, which look a big futon.

If you want to sleep your own sleep bag, a mammy type one is perfect.

You can wrap your body and only your face stays outside of the sleep bag.


* mat

Just put it under sleep bags!

You will feel more comfortable to sleep in a tent.

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3. Use what you usually use at home at a camping site!


Of course you need to buy not all tools mentioned above.

Many things you already have at home can be used as a substitute for camping tools.


For example, a pan and a pot in your kitchen fully suffice as cooking tools for camping.

A mat to put under sleep bags can be a futon you don’t use these days.

In terms of lights in a tent, you may use a flashlight, but you have to take it into consideration that the range that it shines is less wide than that of a lantern.



4. Things that gives you greater convenience

If your car still has enough room to take on a bit more, you should take the items below to a camping site.


* gloves

* fire tongs

* BBQ lighter

* paper fan

* picnic sheet (very useful when you put on baggage)

* duster

* plastic bag for garbage

* aluminum foil (it doubles the shine of lantern when you put it on a side of a lantern!)



5. Good brands which deal with camping goods


* Coleman

It produces various camping goods for family camp, which cost not that expensive.


* Snow Peak, Uniflame

Camping tools of these brands are a bit expensive, but the durability and the quality is pretty nice.

If you are interested in the brands, it’s a nice choice to buy things which last long, such as pans and a burner.



How was it?

I hope it helps you to get the tools lined up!

Enjoy your first camp with your family!



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