Contents of a disaster kit: What should be in a disaster kit? What gives you great convenience when a disaster occurs?



Most of you may know that Japan has various natural disasters, such as, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions.

It may result in leading you to a critical condition to underestimate the impact of a disaster, regardless of a type, on you.

A disaster likely happens everywhere.


Then, is your disaster kit ready for it?

In case you need to evacuate as soon as possible for a sudden disaster that endangers your life, or a local government’s evacuation call, I strongly recommend that you should make it ready.

A disaster kit enables you to survive in a harsh living condition.


Here, I’m going to give you pieces of information about a disaster kit which saves the lives of you and your family members.

Let’s check it and start making your disaster kit!


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1. Principles of the contents in a disaster kit



According to Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, you definitely need to put the following items in your disaster kit:


* Stamp (officially registered one might be needed)

* Cash

* First-Aid Box

* Passbook

* Flashlight

* Lighter

* Can opener

* Candle

* Knife

* Cloths

* Gloves

* Baby’s bottle

* Blanket

* Radio

* Instant noodle

* Foods

* Water

* Helmet

* Bousai zukin (防災頭巾) : A hood that protects your head from fire, water or things falling from a building, and so on

* Battery



However, it’s just an example, and you may not be able to carry all of them.


Then, what to be ready as a disaster kit?


You need to prioritize:


(1) things that is essential for you.

It is true that you cannot carry all things you want to when you evacuate. So, you need to choose what you absolutely need to survive, and preferentially take with you.


(2) things which weight is not too heavy to carry

A heavy disaster kit exhausts yourself, so not recommended at all.

Thinking about the distance between your home and an evacuation center, you should pack things in a bag.

In general, to get a rough idea, a disaster kit for adults should be less than 10kg, and for kids less than 5kg.


(3) a bag with which you can use your both hands

If your both hands are always available, you can manage to a sudden accident, such as, something is falling down on you from a building.

A backpack is highly convenient, so a good choice.


(4) to make as many disaster kits as the number of family.

When all of your family evacuate together, some goods may be enough, but other may be scarce.

In order not to have such a trouble, it’s better to make them ready for each family member.


(5) to think whether contents meet the need of each family member.

For example, if there are elderly people in your family, you may need medicine they take every day, artificial tooth and reading glasses.

A family with a little baby essentially have to carry nappies and powder milk.

Thus, each family have different needs, and you have to take it into consideration about what is essential for your family.


(6) the place to store a disaster kit

It’s pretty sure that you can easily grab a disaster kit besides a bed or at an entrance.

It should be put in such places, and taken as soon as possible in case of disaster.


(7) to share where a disaster kit is stored in your home.

We cannot predict when a disaster occurs, thus all of your family members should know where in your home it is put.


(8) to know how to use items in a disaster kit.

Maybe not many people have used items in a disaster kit, for example, a portable toilet.

If there are some which you haven’t used before, try to use and know how to.


(9) Check contents in a disaster kit regularly, and replace if needed.

A disaster kit with useless things, for instance, foods after the best-before date and a flashlight with a ran-out battery, won’t help you in case of disaster.

For avoiding such a consequence, you should set the date to check your disaster kit and replace something that cannot be used any more.

It’s nice that you try to eat an old emergency food at the time you replace an old one to a new one.




2.  Let’s make your disaster kit!



Then, let’s make a disaster kit together with all your family!

Firstly, try to make your one, based on the principles mentioned above.

During pondering what to put, it will help you to take the three perspectives below into consideration to make a useful disaster kit.


(1) items to be put in each disaster kit


* evacuation card

* water

* emergency foods

* coins

* toothbrush

* gloves

* flashlight

* mask

* portable tissue

* helmet

* portable toilet

* rain coat


(2) items needed for certain people


* glasses

* hearing aid

* artificial tooth

* sanitary kit

* powdered milk

* baby bottle

* mother-child notebook

* pet foods

* collar


(3) items used together with your family


* portable radio

* first-aid box

* lighter

* towel

* toilet paper

* battery

* knife

* candle

* valuables

* cling wrap

* packing tape

* plastic bag

* emergency water bag

* plastic sheet

* stationery

* address book


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3. Things which bring you a great convenient when a disaster occurs



Here, I’m going to introduce items which haven’t mentioned but are very convenient in case a disaster occurs.

Just refer to it, and add ones to your list if you think it’s useful!


* multipurpose knife : it enables you not only to cut things but also open a can or a nail clipper.

* down jacket : it’s light, easy to carry, and it protects you from cold and heat.

* tent : if you need to sleep outdoor temporarily, you may need.

* solar-powered charger : a bit expensive

* headlight : it allows your hands always to be available so very recommended!

* leather gloves : it protects your hands from broken glasses



4. Disaster kits at online shopping websites



For those who are reluctant to buy items in each and put them in a bag, it’s a nice choice to buy a disaster kit on the Internet.

You can find various disaster kits there.


The best way to purchase a disaster kit on the Internet is firstly to assume what to buy and how many to buy, before you start looking for one at a online shopping website.


If you would like to have a disaster kit of practical use, this disaster kit will meet your need.


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For those who look for a reasonable one with good contents, it’s highly recommended.


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If you would like to have a disaster kit with good design and functionality, this disaster kit is a good choice.


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How was it?

I hope it helps you to make your disaster kit which fulfill all of your needs!

Preparation is the first step to survive!




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