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  2. The Longest bridges in Japan in the top 10 ranking -from the 10th to 6th-

The Longest bridges in Japan in the top 10 ranking -from the 10th to 6th-

Today I will introduce ten longest bridges in Japan selected by Trip Advisor. Driving on the bridge alongside sea or river, which gives spacious impression on, is enjoyable. You can enjoy watching cobalt blue scenery on a certain bridge. There are girder bridge, suspension bridge, truss bridge and arch bridge. You will see differences between them.

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The tenth place “Tsunoshima Ohashi”3790955771_8417869850_z

The length is 1,780 meters. It opened in 2000 and links Shimonoseki city in Yamaguhi prefecture and Tsunoshima. It is a free street to go through. Let’s enjoy driving with beautiful cobalt blue sea.

Tsunoshima Ohashi
How to go: It takes one hour and 10 minutes to go to the island from Shimonoseki IC of Chugoku Expressway.
Address: Tsunoshima, Kanda, Hohoku town, Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture.
URL: http://www.oidemase.or.jp/tourism-information/spots/11030

The ninth place “Kori Ohashi”6657715165_d741345d3a_z

The length of the girder bridge and ramen bridge is 1,960 meters. While watching amazing emerald blue sea, driving on the bridge from the northern part of Okinawa main island to Kori island enables you to show wonderful landscape. Because there is a coral reef on the beach of Kori island, you can try snorkelling there.

Kori Ohashi
How to go: It takes one hour and 30 minutes to go to the bridge from Naha airport.
Address: Kori island, Nakijin village, Okinawa prefecture
URL: http://kourijima.info/

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The eighth place “Shin Kitakyushu Airport Renrakubashi”6503311665_bc4da4467b_z

The length of the bridge is 2100 meters. It opened in 2006 and connects Kitakyushu Airport Kanda town of Miyako county, Fukuoka prefecture as Shin Kitakyushu Airport Renrakubashi. You are able to cross the bridge by foot.

Shin Kitakyushu Airport Renrakubashi
Address: Shin Kitakyushu Airport Renraku street, Kanda town, Miyako county, Fukuoka prefecture
URL: http://www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/contents/sinnkitakyuusyuukuukou.html

The seventh place “Tokyo Gate bridge”17672639024_efc209d720_z

The length is 2,168 meters. It opened at 12th February in 2012. It is the popular spot to take a picture as the new famous tourist place. It is illuminated after sunset. It seems two dinosaurs are facing, so it is also called as the dinosaur bridge.

Tokyo Gate bridge
How to go: It is 4 kilometres distance from Shinkiba IC of Metropolitan Expressway, Bayshore Route from Naha airport.
Address: Wakashu, Koto district, Tokyo
URL: http://www.kouwan.metro.tokyo.jp/kanko/gatebridge/

The sixth place “Ban No Su Koka bridge (Seto Ohashi)”

500291943_7e7ffc5c47_zThe length is 2,939 meters. It is a part of Seto Ohashi. It is the longest of Seto Ohashi and placed in the southernmost of the bridge. Seto Central Expressway runs on the upper part of it and JR Honshi Bisan line runs on the lower part of it. It links Minami Bisan Seto Ohashi. It is 1,723 meters long and the 12th length among all Japanese bridges.

Ban No Su Koka bridge
Address: Ban No Su, Sakaide city, Kagawa prefecture
URL: http://www.jb-honshi.co.jp/location/gallery/d-route/bannosu.html

It is translated from Japanese to English.
Original article: http://autos.goo.ne.jp/car-i/articles/RJkcP

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