10 wonderful leaf-peeping spots that won’t make you disappointed!


Have you ever visited a spot with great autumn colored leaves in Japan?

It is one of must-do things if you have a trip to Japan in autumn.


Then, do you have any idea where is the best place to see beautiful autumn leaves?


For those who have a trouble to decide where to go for leaf peeping, today I’m going to introduce to you a ranking on the 10 best

sights to enjoy autumn leaves, which TripAdvisor released.


Let’s check it, and plan your trip!


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(10) Kinkaku-ji temple (金閣寺) ― Kyoto



Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


It’s not too much to say that Kinkaku-ji temple is one of the most renowned sightseeing spot in Japan in every season.

Some of you associate Japan with this golden temple, when you think of Japan.

Of course, the temple is a good destination for seeing autumn leaves.


When you are there, don’t forget to see the surface of the lake in front of the temple!

What you see is mirrored in the lake, and the beauty of the scene becomes twice more beautiful!


For more information about Kinkaku-ji temple, visit the site.





(9) Nabana-no-sato (なばなの里) ― Mie


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Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


Nabana-no-sato has more than 300 Japanese maple trees, and when they are tinged with red and yellow, the view is beautiful.

Especially, the view around the lake named Kagami-ike (鏡池) is outstanding, since the trees around the lake are reflected in it.


After sunset, there is illuminations around the lake, thus you can enjoy seeing autumn leaves in the evening.


For more information about Nabana-no-sato, visit the site.





(8) Ninna-ji temple (仁和寺) ― Kyoto


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Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


When you ask people in Kyoto things about Ninna-ji temple, most of them may answer that it has been registered as a World Heritage spot, or is famous for cherry blossoms.

However, the temple has fine views of autumn leaves in fall.

Rarely can you see red leaves with a five-story stupa.

If you don’t like a crowded place, enjoying leaf peeping in this temple is highly recommended, because it’s not too crowded, as other famous temples in Kyoto are.


For more information about Ninna-ji temple, visit the site.



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(7) Senjojiki Cirque (千畳敷カール) ― Nagano


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Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


It’s a hollow with many maple trees.

When autumn comes, leaves begin to change color, becoming a wonderful spot for seeing autumn leaves.


The spot is located in a mountain, and fortunately you can go up there by a ropeway!

Scenes you can see from windows of the ropeway are also fantastic.


For more information about Senjojiki Cirque, visit the site.





(6) Miyajima Island (宮島) ― Hiroshima


Refer to the site: http://kaiun-net.com/miyajima-kouyou/


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


It’s also called as Itsukushima Island (厳島).

The island has a park which is named as “Momijidani Park,” which means the park of maple valley.

There are about 700 maple trees, thus absolutely we can say it’s a wonderful site for leaf peeping.


If you are lucky, deer appear and they actually really go well with the scene of red leaves.


For more information about Miyajima/ Itsukushima, visit the site.





(5) Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route (立山黒部アルペンルート) ― Toyama and Nagano


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Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


It’s an alpine route between Toyama and Nagano.

A steep mountain surface has many maple trees which turn red and yellow in autumn, offering you the greatest time to enjoy autumn leaves.


Here, you can enjoy red leaves for two month, longer than the average of the best period of red leaves.

Leaves around the top of mountains usually begin to change color, and those at the base are at their best from the late October to early in November.

The red leaves fantastically stand out with spectacular mountainous views and the blue sky.


For more information about Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, visit the site.




(4) Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺) ― Kyoto


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


It’s not an exaggeration to say that Kiyomizu-dera temple is the one that you associate Kyoto with.

Of course the temple is crowded with a mass of people in every season for its popularity, but especially, it gathers more tourists because of beautiful autumn leaves.

From a wooden stage connected to a main hall, you can see a breathtakingly beautiful scene that about 1,000 maple trees create.


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


A night scene of the autumn leaves in the temple is also a main attraction that it offers in fall.

Leaves look like a blaze shining in the dark sky.


I strongly recommend that you should visit the temple twice in a day, in the morning or afternoon, and in the evening.

You’ll be surprised at the great difference of the two scenes.


For more information about Kiyomizudera Temple, visit the site.





(3) Toufuku-ji Temple (東福寺) ― Kyoto



Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


The view seen from a bridge named Tsuten-bashi bridge (通天橋) is outstanding and you can’t miss it when you visit Toufuku-ji temple.

Leaves in this temple begin to turn red later than other leaf peeping sights, thus if the best season of red leaves is already over when you visit, you may still be able to enjoy them here.


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


A scene of autumn leaves in this temple is unique, because most of them turn yellow, in contrast to those in other spots for autumn leaves, which usually turn red.

Yellow leaves on the ground in this temple looks like a golden carpet.

Absolutely looks great!


For more information about Toufuku-ji Temple, visit the site.





(2) Oirase Keiryu (奥入瀬渓流) ― Aomori


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


The site is located around the border between Aomori and Akita prefecture, and it’s in a mountainous area.

For those who would like to enjoy autumn leaves while hiking, it must be a perfect place.


Red, orange and yellow leaves contrast pleasantly with clear water in a river.

It’s very far from Tokyo, and a bit inconvenient to get there, but there are fewer people compared to the other spots mentioned above.

Thus, you can be relaxed and enjoy seeing beautiful leaves.

When you see the photos you take, there will be no stranger who appears in them,because it’s not crowded.


For more information about Oirase Keiryu, visit the site.





(1)Eikando/ Zenrin-ji Temple (永観堂/ 禅林寺) ― Kyoto


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


From an primitive era, this place has been famous for a breathtakingly beautiful autumn leaves, and even people wrote tanka, a type of Japanese poem with five lines of 5,7,5,7,7, about the beauty of the colored leaves, in 10th C.


There are more than 3,000 maple trees, which create the perfect beauty of autumn leaves.

A pond reflects it, and the scene doubles the beauty of the scene.


Refer to the site: http://find-travel.jp/article/50060


The temple also has illuminations during the best season of autumn leaves.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing dreamy views of colored leaves in the evening.


For more information about Zenrin-ji Temple, visit the site.







How was it?

Leaf peeping spots mentioned above were chosen on the basis of tourists’ voices on TripAdviser, thus I’m sure you will be satisfied!

This autumn, spend a greatest time seeing autumn leaves in Japan!

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