Top 9 most popular spots and restaurants among tourists in Japan

Japan is a fascinating country to visit. Here are 9 popular spots in Japan you might not know.

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【No. 9】With Bunny《Tokyo・Asakusa》

Play inside the building!  A rabbit wonderland where you can hug cute rabbits

It is a popular rabbit cafe attracting over 300 thousands people visit. Visitors can hug and touch 26 rabbits in 8 species.  Since touching is basically not allowed in most pet shops, the cafe provides an opportunity for foreigners to interact with rabbits closely.

The service is available in the whole area of the building.The second floor and the fourth floor are shared room while the fifth floor is private room and you can enjoy a great time with rabbits in the garden on the rooftop also.

【No. 8】Sakura Tei《Tokyo・Harajuku》

Make an okonomitaki in your style in an art gallery

It is a okonomiyaki restaurant in a gallery. Even the wall is decorated with art elements creating a stylish atmosphere. And the most attractive thing in this restaurant is that customers can make their own okonomiyaki-s.

The impressive ‘kurobuta-okonomiyaki’ and the vegetarian-friendly healthy beans okonomiyaki in tomato sauce are people’s favourite.

【No. 7】Hedgehog Cafe HARRY《Tokyo・Roppongi》

The cafe where people can play and interact with animals such as cat cafe and owl cafe are popular among tourists. And now a hedgehog cafe is open in Roppongi, Tokyo. You are even welcome to touch and interact with baby less than 1 year old. 

Hug it and touch it. Many people upload the photos of adorable hedgehog.Since hedgehog cafe is rare in Japan, there may be some people queueing before the cafe opens.

【No. 6】Tokyo Sushi Academy《Tokyo・Shinjuku》

Love Japanese cuisine? Master the basic of sushi in two months

Japanese cuisine was recorded as cultural heritage in 2013. In Sushi Academy people can learn about sushi.

chef-1209161_960_720 In just two months, students can learn how to use knife for sushi, how to distinguish fish, and how to make sushi. The way to classify fish and make sushi can be learnt in a one-day lesson which is especially popular among the local and tourists.


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【No. 5】Uobei《Tokyo・Shibuya》

High speed on triple lane. Affordable sushi

The sushi costs only 108 yen each !

Instead of conveyor belt sushi, Uobei serves you excellent sushi through three lanes, and provide menus in both English and Japanese using electronic devices. So tourists can order sushi themselves easily.


Salmon, tuna, fried shrimp maki are three kinds of foreigner’s favourite sushi. Come and taste a fresh fried shrimp maki in just 108 yen.

【No. 4】Onitsuka Tiger《Tokyo・Omotesando》

High quality Japanese shoes

Globally famous shoes brand, Onitsuka Tiger. Since the visa restriction had become loosen, Japan has become a popular destination among Thai people. And this brand is even supported by the king of thai.

The ‘Nippon Made’ series, which symbolize high quality shoes made in Japan, are the classic products of Onitsuka Tiger. And, some staff can speak Thai. This brand attracts not only the people from Thailand, but also the people from all around the world.



【No. 3】Samurai Kembu Theater《Kyoto・Sanjo》

Be a “Samurai”!

It ranked number 8 among the latest travel spots in the Japan’s largest travel website.

This theater features shows with Japanese poem and traditional songs, and fighting performance. The Ninja will perform in front of the audience.

You can learn how to be a Samurai here. Participants can learn their fighting style, using the traditional methods of the Samurai. After learning this, there is a chance to perform on stage as a Samurai.

【No. 2】Kuromon Ichiba Market《Osaka・Nipponbashi》

Since the number of flights to Kansai increased, Osaka become a trendy destination of tourists from Asia. This market involves 180 shops and restaurants, attracting numerous people come and try some fresh food.

Bluefin tuna rice(Maguroyakurogin)

Known as Hommagur-SanShokuDon in Japanese, bluefin tuna rice is the signature dish of this restaurant, serving different parts of tuna in a bowl. Besides, tuna sushi and tuna sashimi are also the favourite food of most customers.

The best kobe beef steak(Maruzen)

This food store specializes in Kobe beef and is popular among foreigners. It is also a restaurant so people can come here for lunch and dinner.

Murasaki uni(Nishikawa fish store)

This store provides fresh uni and oysters. People can taste live uni using a spoon. You will definitely love this freshness.

【No. 1】Paper Folding Club (Origami Kaikan)《Tokyo・Ochanomizu》

Experience the cute Japanese traditional art !

Origami Kaikan offers you an opportunity to understand more about the Japanese traditional craft skill. The paper folding art display is shown on the first and the second floor. And, visitors can try to fold paper with the paper folding expert on the fourth floor.

After experiencing this traditional Japanese art, the shop on the third floor sells over 500 kinds of folding paper art in japanese pattern or rare pattern which is highly recommended for souvenir.

Japan takes you to the wonderland!

What is stopping you? Japan is a country full of energy, love and traditional culture. Let’s explore Japan.

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