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Enjoy the summer breeze in Starbucks Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi !

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When it comes to summer in Kyoto, your mind may come up with Gion Festival and the most important seating, Noryo Yuka. Wait, what is Noryo Yuka? It is a balcony in the restaurant or cafe overlooking the river view and is only open during Summer. It seems expensive so it may not be a good choice for normal occasion.

But the place highly recommended to you is the Starbucks on Kyoto Sanjo-Bridge. Enjoy your favourite coffee drinks and see the nice view of Kyoto on the breeze-enjoying floor. What is more, this breeze-enjoying floor in starbucks in free in charge. What’s stopping you?

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Enjoy the summer breeze!

There are numerous breeze-enjoying floors in Kyoto, but the most popular area must be those near the Kamo-gawa.Between May and September, restaurants and cafes extend and lay out their breeze-enjoying floors respectively, creating a fascinating scene. Among those restaurants, Starbucks located in Sanjo Ohashi offer free terrace seating for its customers. What you need is only to order a drink in starbucks. The time slot will be shorten to one hour in peak hours but people can drink there and enjoy the river view all day long during the off-peak hours.

It takes two minutes walk from exit 7 of Sanjo Station. One more thing, beware of attack kite. Reserve your seat before or after the order-taking. Terrace seating is common in the west but it must be a nice experience to have a drink and enjoy the river view in Japan.

Absolutely feel great when you enjoy the nice view and the summer breeze while drinking your favourite coffee drink. This starbucks store attracts numerous tourists from Japan and the world. It is recommended to rent a ‘Yukata’ or kimino to experience the traditional culture of Japan too.

It is such a great time enjoying the beautiful view of Nyoigatake and Sanjo Ohashi which are the three bridges closely. Seriously, it is the best place to take a rest after going shopping.

Drinking a tasty coffee drink in the balcony is the best opportunity to experience the Japanese culture and chat with the local people. If your hotel is nearby, you will definitely stop by. But just one thing, the balcony is not open all the time so it is recommended to check the opening hours of the balcony before you go.

Store information

Store Starbucks Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi

Address  604-8004 Kyoto Nakagyo-ku Sanjo-Kawaramachi-Higashiiru 113 Nakajimacho

Business hours 08:00〜23:00(Noryo Yuka  May & September 11:30〜22:00, June – August 16:00〜22:00)

Holiday Irregular

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