When only domestic products are on the shelves at a supermarket….


A picture taken at a supermarket is gathering people’s attention.




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It’s an ordinary supermarket in Germany, but many of things that should be there are not there.


There is almost nothing on the shelves at the supermarket, except some bread or juice.

Seeing the area of frozen foods, no food is in the freezer.


This is a picture of a famous supermarket “Edeka” in Hamburgh.

One day in August, it made a bold move to put only domestic products on the shelves.

And this is the result.

It’s surprising to see that only a tiny amound of foods can be put on the shelves when it decided to display only domestic products.


The reason why the store made their mind to take this action regardless of the possible deficit is that it wanted to to raise an alarm over the low domestic production of foods in Germany. 





However, its true intention is different.

A pop on a vacant shelf said that our lives are such poor, if Germany loses diversity, and these shelves mean that Edeka offers value by being benefited from various countries.


The supermarket chain, which has the biggest market share of supermarket in Germany, appealed to the public that a society not being able to accept diversity is poor.


Since 2015, Germany has accepted more than a million of refugees from Seria and other countries, showing its attitude to “co-exist” with different values.

However, not all people in Germany have a possitive view on the attitude of the government.


On the last day in 2015, a mass gang-rape case occurred in Koln, the city in the west side of Germany.

Hundreds of women became the victims of the case.

The assailant group consisted mainly of men whose age was 17 to 30 years old, most were from North Africa.

It is reported that about 1,000 of those men gathered around the women, and committed the act.


It’s true that he increase in the number of immigrants in Germany results in the increase in crime related to them.

One the one hand, some say that they should be proud of the attitude not to throw away diversity and co-existence.

However, on the other hand, many disagree the idea, because of the negative social background.


The supermarket named the day as “Tag der Vielfalt,” which means the day of diversity.

Now, no one knows whether the action is done on the day next year.


Both supporters and detractors have strong opinions, so it’s a long way to reach reconciliation.



Do you agree, or disagree?

It might be a kind of thing that we Japanese seriously think about.