The transition of Japanese kimono

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Let’s try to learn the history of kimono

Japanese kimono is now the popular Japanese culture for the people overseas.The origin of the name of Kimono is “kirumono”, it means “clothes to wear”.We have some history about Kimono in Japan. Today, we’d like to introduce you the transition of Japanese Kimono.

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  1. The original form of kimono
  2. Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono (in the Heian period)
  3. The kimono in the Edo period , not so different from the recent one
  4. Today, we can enjoy the kimono freely
  5. summary

The original form of kimono

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The prototype of the recent kimono is “kosode”. It includes furisode and yukata.

Kosode appeared in the late Heian period, but in those days, it was the underwear of the upper class people, while it was the practical clothes of commoner people.


In the beginning of the early modern period, also in the men’s clothing , kimono had become the center of apparel. Regardless of an identification and gender, the style of outer garment had been being unified into kosode.

This kosode has changed to the the upper class clothes in these days.



Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

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The routes of kimono consists in the Heian period. Before then, trousers and one piece style clothes were the main stream. The influence of continent , such as China , was seen strongly.

Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono was the clothes of lady-in-waiting in Heian period. Though they didn’t actually wear 12 clothes necessarily, it is reffered to “jyuuni hitoe”as 12layered clothes ,

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The kimono in the Edo period , not so different from the recent one

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The history of kimono until the Edo period was , that is, the one only the upper class people were woring in those days.

江戸時代 男性着物
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In the Edo period, the commoner class developed, and a versatile kimono culture was produced. The recent kimono has changed to tie the band in various shape using Obiage(the cloth to fix the band)



Today, we can enjoy the kimono freely

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recent kimono style


In the meiji period, when the hierarchical system called “shi-no-ko-sho” (samurai, agriculture, engineering and business) ended, even the commoner people came to wear the kimono which once was the one of the upper class people.

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kimono in the Meiji period


After that ,people got to be able to enjoy the various kimono fashion in half‐Japanese, half‐Western style.

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Kimono in the Taisho period




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Recently, we can enjoy the kimono freely like never before. On the other hand, it is not rare that there are many people who have never worn the kimono before. That’s a pity, because everyone are free to enjoy kimono most historically.The kimono is the traditional culture of which we can be proud. It is the one having been polished for a long time.

I’m happy to introduce you our traditional culture ,such a kimono transition.

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