Japanese buffet style popular among visiters

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In Japan, there are so many buffet restaurants everywhere. In other countries, basically, there is few restaurants providing buffet service except the countries where many Japanese people visit, such as Hawaii. In addition, drink bar or sweets buffet is an unique style of Japan. Today, we’d like to introduce you about various kinds of Japanese buffet style and how popular the Japanese buffet is.

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  1. the unique points about Japanese buffet style
  2. meat buffet
  3. sushi buffet
  4. sweets buffet
  5. drink bar
  6. natto buffet
  7. tebasaki (a chicken wing) buffet

the unique points about Japanese buffet style

1.the unique points~
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We call the all-you-can-eat style “buffet”. The unique points about Japanese buffet style are that there is a drink bar (drink as much as you like), various kinds of buffet, and time limit.

There are meat buffet, sushi buffet, sweets buffet, drink bar ,and so on.Recently, not only classic buffet, but also strange kinds of buffet has appeared.We can enjoy food as much as we want in Japan!



Meat buffet

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It is characteristic that Japanese buffet such as “meat buffet”,”sushi buffet”,”sweets buffet”or”drink bar”has expertise.

Meat dishes are popular with the people living abroad, where so many meat-eating cultures exist, compared with.Japan.


Japanese meat is tender compared with other countries and has a high quality. The people living abroad can eat meat dishes at reasonable price in Japan, so they will be delighted.

Another popular point of meat buffet is that it has options for vegetables, and different things like fishes, soup, rice ,etc.

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Sushi buffet

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It’s Sushi that is also popular except meat. Sushi is the Japanese pronouns and being loved by the people all over the world. Visiters are very surprised at that they can eat  sushi all they want at reasonable price.

The quality of taste is probably as good as that of foreign restaurants, or maybe higher than that.



Sweets buffet

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We can have sweets buffet mainly at the hotels or the cake shops. Colorful cakes, ice cream, fruits make us feel happy. Recently, not only women, but also men are increasing, and it is used on dating.

Any conversation may become lively while we have sweets.



Drink bar

drink bar
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Drink bar is the self-service drink area in a family restaurant or a bar. They serve a drink bar about in ¥190~¥1,000.


Natto buffet

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Next buffet style is so unique in Japan. It’s Natto buffet, not classic style.

This restaurant is located in Ikejirioohashi, Tokyo. It’s 4minutes walk from the west exit of the station.

Refer to this site: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/rm5564/13184624.html

About natto buffet set meal, you can eat eight kinds of natto as you want.

It’s various from the classic”domestic small grain natto” to the novelty“edamame natto”. There’s no doubt that natto fan will dance with joy.


【information about natto buffet set meal】

(shop name)Natto ko-bo Sendaiya


※rice is not all-you-can-eat style.



Tebasaki (a chicken wing) buffet

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Now, we can have the buffet style that hasn’t ever exist .That’s tebasaki( a chicken wing) buffet. Nagoya is famous for tebasaki, but the tebasaki buffet restaurant is in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The next information is about the tebasaki buffet restaurant.


【one of tebasaki buffet restaurant】

(shop name)Teba ichiro

(price)¥2,680~¥3,980 (with all-you-can-drink)

※Time limit = 2hours




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We can fully enjoy buffet such as meat in Japan. About sushi, there are some restaurants serving it within ¥3,000~¥4,000.

The people living abroad think sushi is expensive, but some restaurants provide within ¥2000 !

It’s better to take these Japanese buffet systems, with which you can satisfied.

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