It’s so easy! Model Nanao’s super simple methods to keep her figure


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Nanao – Japanese model who has great figure


Nanao is Japanese model/actress, who is known as amazing 9 heads high model

and popular for her beauty and the well-proportionate figure; Her face is quite small and the length of her legs is 85cm!

How can we get that beautiful body like her? Actually Nanao has never been on a diet; her methods for keeping her body in shape are so simple that everyone can follow.

What are the methods?

Get enough sleep


Nanao considers sleep so important that she had made a habit of sleeping at 21:00 and getting up at 7:00 everyday since she was young. If your sleep is not enough, your basal metabolism decreases and it’s bad for your health. 8-hour sleep helps your skin be in good condition.

Take 2ℓ milk every day


Nanao’s is very impressive for her tall figure. It is said that she got the figure by drinking 2ℓ milk every day. Nanao shows that it’s true that milk is good to increase your height.

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Don’t restrict your diet


As we mentioned before, Nanao has never been on a diet. She doesn’t like to be patience with anything and that’s why she doesn’t restrict her diet. She seems to keep her figure by trying to take more wholesome food, not by restricting food.

Lymphatic massage and stretches


Nanao, who has long beauty legs, doesn’t forget to give massage everyday. She frequently gives herself a lymphatic massage and does some stretches to take care herself.

Moisturize enough your body


Nanao is caring for not only exercises and food, but also for moisturizing. Even though you slim your legs, you might bet less attractive if the legs are desiccated. Her favorite is all-in-one moisturizing gel called “LABOLABO”, which can be used as lotion, milky lotion, serum and makeup base .

Wear pressure socks


She’s quite concerned about care for her legs. She appeared on a commercial for pressure socks before and actually she uses them every night. Pressure socks are necessary item to keep your legs beautiful.

Go get manual therapeutics regularly


Nanao, who has high aesthetic sense, extremely concentrates on body care; she regularly goes get manual therapeutics to correct distortion of body and keep her figure.

Don’t wear heels


Heels flatter your figure, but Nanao doesn’t wear heels in the private. Heels indeed make your legs look beautiful, but it’s hard on your legs, on the other hand. And unnecessary part of your muscles will be trained, which brings you to bad figure. Not only Nanao but many other models are trying not to wear heels to often.

Walking on flat shoes shapes up your legs.

Pedal a bicycle


Nanao tries to pedal a bicycle frequently to keep her beautiful legs. It’s easy to start and not so hard like jogging. Actually it’s efficient exercise, which is more effective than jogging or swimming.



Nanao is cool and she’s like a man;  her hobby is so wild – kickboxing. But it’s well-known that many other famous models like Rola or Darenogare Akemi do kickboxing, too. Kickboxing trains your entire body, so it’s good for beauty and health. It’s also good to release your stress, by giving full kicks.

Low pressure training


Nanao is also working on Low pressure training. This is the combination of massage and pressure training, which is very effective for beauty and health. It’s not hard and easy to continue.

Let’s get Nanao body!


Nanao is not interested in dieting and she doesn’t do anything special for beauty and health. If you try the above methods little by little, then you might be able to get beautiful figure like Nanao.

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