20 min Nap is way better than a cup of coffee to be more productive!!

Nap is not just great to refresh your brain but there are some more great effects to your brain.


It is not productive continue working without concentrating. Taking a quick nap is paid the most attention to now. Naptime refreshes your body and mind, not only that, some great influences to human’s brain are reported.


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1 Good sleeper learn language faster




Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317704/



There is a proverb that “Sleep brings up a child well”. We might need to add a new proverb “Sleep makes child learn things better”. 

There is a report that research of how Infants learn languages are a great relation with naptime.


Researchers team in a national university of Australia researched what is going to happen to infants’ cognitive functions when they hear languages that they never hear and see things that they never seen before in a familiar environment.

From this research, infants tend to choose things they never seen when they hear a word that they never heard.


After this learning task, let the half of them to take a nap and let the other half stay awake for four hours.


Researchers tested them how much those infants memorized new languages four hours later. As a result, infants who took a nap got way high score than the others. This experience shows that the importance of taking a nap in order to give our brains some time to rests and be more productive.






2 Took a nap after classes guide to the best school records



Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317704/



Some people have experiences crammed for an exam and forgot most of things you studied right after the exam when you were in school.

That is because you studied without slept enough time!



Research of the medical department of a national University in Singapore, 72 volunteers took 80 munities class. The content of the class was about lecture of various kinds of ants and crabs’ characteristics.



72 volunteers divided into three groups after this class and let all groups do different things after an hour.

Group A watched movie, group B took a nap, and group C reviewed the lecture.


They all took two more 80 munities different classes after. Then, tested them how much they remember the content of the 1st class.




As a result, Group B got the best records!

Group C got a second records, and the worst was Group A.



Furthermore, all volunteers took an exactly same test again a week later, and Group B got the best result again. Interestingly, there were not much difference between Group A and C this time. The point is, reviewing without taking a nap loose power after a week.




Mechanism of remembrance has not been clarified, yet some researchers point out that sleep and remembrance have some strong relations.



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3 20mins Nap makes you super productive



Refer to this site: http://www.human-sb.com/mechanism/




Some working places provide naptime for their workers lately in order to make them more motivated and productive.



Dr. Janet Kennedy who is an expert of sleep in New York indicates taking 20 munities nap before 3pm leads to the reducing sleeping disorder habit. Human bodies could recover in short time by taking a nap, and also that reduce the amount of caffeine people take during a day as well.



Moreover, there is a report of positive influence for health. According to research of California University, human could control neural circuit, improve their cognitive function, strengthen memories, improve more creativity, and control emotions by 90 munities naptime.



According to Dr. Kennedy, naptime in the afternoon should be between 20 munities and 30 munities, or 90 munities because taking nap more than 90 munities negatively affects to sleep at night.



It would be a great examination that if you could really refresh your brain with 20 munities nap when you feel out of concentration and tired before you pour coffee in your cup!


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