Japanese classical cosmetics that make you beautiful

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In these days, cosmetics are so much influenced by Western countries. But there’s left some Japanese classical cosmetics to raise our spirits. Today, we’d like to introduce you some recommended Japanese classical cosmetics.

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Yo-jiya Online shop

Refer to this site:http://www.yojiya.co.jp/smt/html/products/detail.php?product_id=930200

Yo-jiya is famous for “Aburatorigami (blotting paper)”. This blotting paper (480yen+tax) is standard souvenir of Kyoto. You will be satisfied with the absorbing power. The set items(small Kyogonomi set 2600yen + tax) are also recommended.


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This item is a natural sponge, “ko-ri konnyaku” which makes our skin very smooth. It’s recommended to use patting face gently.

There are various kinds of cosmetic goods on the Yo-jiya online shop.Let’s check up the site.↓


【Yo-jiya online shop】

(URL) http://www.yojiya.co.jp/order/


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Chidoriya started a shop as where deals with the cosmetics and Japanese classical accessories that the apprentice geisha (maiko) uses. It is the manufacturer having studied cosmetics based on the old Japanese natural materials. This shell ginger lotion is “peach moon herbal face water”(4300yen + tax) that is most popular in Chidoriya.

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This item is “Chidoriya silk & organic rice bran soap”(2000yen + tax) for sensitive skin. Rice bran is known as the old Japanese beauty regimen. The silk which keeps your skin moisturized and the rice bran soap are also recommended.


【Kyoto Chidoriya online shop】

(URL) http://www.chidoriyaworld.com/



Kabuki Face Pack

Refer to this site: http://isshin-do.co.jp/facepack.html

Kabuki Face Pack (900yen) is very unique Japanese cosmetic goods. This facepack is designed imaging Kumadori (Kabuki makeup) of Japanese traditional entertainment Kabuki. It reproduces the full-fledged Kumadori from a popular repertoire of Kabuki under the supervision of Kabuki actor, Somegoro Ichikawa. Would you like this as a new souvenir?


【Isshin-do/Kabuki Face Pack】

(URL) http://isshin-do.co.jp/facepack.html



Yoroshi Kesho-Dou

Refer to this site: https://page.line.me/eet9953m

How colorful these cosmetics are ! A shop opened in downtown, Asakusa where we feel Taisho Roman (atmosphere of the Taisho period). Yoroshi Kesho-Dou is a cosmetic brand making good use of Japanese materials such as sake lees and green tea, yuzu. There are lip balm, hand cream, bath bomb,cleansing powder, oil hair treatment , and so on. You can get them also on the internet. Let’s check ! ↓


【Yoroshi Kesho-Dou online shop】

(URL) http://yoroshi.co.jp/




Refer to this site: http://kyoto-maiko.com/#toppage

Have you interested in Japanese cosmetics ? The most wonderful point of the cosmetics made in Japan is not the design, but that we get to know the good quality as we use them. We would like you to find your favorite Japanese classical cosmetics and experience the good quality.

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