Great Shiseido Cosmetic Items!!



What do we need to do, when we try to find really great make-up items, is asking professional about it. So this time, I asked to Miho Nishimura, Nao Mukai, and Rie Sakurai who are Web beauty consultants of Shiseido.


They taught me the tips and make-up items that make much differences just adding one point into your daily make-up.

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Long Hit and Reasonable Price Concealer



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Spots Cover Foundation (base color) S100

Sales for this concealer continue since it released in 1980. It spreads by reviews. You could hide your dark circles under the eyes, acne scars, and dark spots with small amount of this concealer.


It could mix with liquid foundation and apply on your skin.

There are two types, which are for total care (S) and for parts care (H). (S) is softer than (H), so (S) is easier to use.



Pencil Type Highlight for Eyes and Lips




& Face Dress Method Forum Plot Liner


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This is a pencil type highlight face color for your make-up finisher.

It contains micro pearls, so it works to make your face more sharp and solid naturally.



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It works as the white part of your eyes more clear when you put the highlight on the under eyelashes line. In addition, if you put the highlight under the eye bags, your eyes look much bigger!


Moreover, you could make your lips sexy and plump by putting highlight on your lips.


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Ideal Nail Oil for Quick Dry, Moisturizing, and Polishing



Maquillage Quick Dry Oil


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This item dry nail polish quickly just applying one drop on root of your nail after you put nail polish. The oil spreads after you drops it, so you don’t need to rub in or massage.


It contains macadamia nuts oil, so it treatment your nail as well. This oil is perfect for using in this dry season.






Make-up professionals chose all those items that I introduced.


Add those items into your make-up bag. Those three items help you in many situations!


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