New Generation Brush Mascara BEST3!


Common Dissatisfaction of Mascara

The common dissatisfactions of when we use Mascara for nowadays are:

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  • Doesn’t last long
  • Finish
  • The way to remove
  • Hard to put on to outer and inner corner of the eyes
  • Hard to put on to Bottom eyelashes
  • Cannot put on to Short eyelashes                   etc,,,

woman with green eye applying mascara.low angle view.
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Outer and inner corner of the eyelashes are very important to make your eyes’ width look bigger. Bottom eyelashes and short eyelashes are also very important to make your eyes’ height look bigger.



To resolve this problem, some people say cannot makeup without partial fake eyelashes.



In order to make short outer and inner of the eyelashes to be more out standing without fake eyelashes, we need to be attention to the angle of eyelash brush.



New Generation Brush Mascara!



Blow lash Rich Eyes lift Mascara Long & Carl   1600 yen (+tax)


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The hair ends of the brush of this Mascara bend 35° and it reaches to short eyelashes like outer and inner of the eyelashes and even bottom eyelashes!! This mascara keeps your eyelashes curl. In addition, it contains 10 different kinds of beauty ingredients, so you could care your eyelashes while you are wearing it! It is very reasonable price though it blocks sweat, water, and sebum and it is easy to remove with hot water.


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SHISEIDO Full lash Marti Dimension Mascara Waterproof

2 colors/ 3800 yen (+tax)



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It looks regular mascara brush. However, it swings 360° and bends 30°! You could adjust angle of this brush!! It is very easy to make volume and curl. This mascara is waterproof, but it is easy to remove with make up remover!




LUNCOME Grandiose                  2 colors / 4200 yen (+tax)



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People know it as the founder of mascara.

LUNCOME researched about eyes and eyelashes and they finally made this LUNCOME Grandiose!

The 25° carve brush fits to all kinds of eye shapes.    

They put roses for its bottle design and there are some limited time only color mascara as well. This mascara is very easy to remove with hot water!




It is easy to arrange your own Mascara!!


Mascara isolated on white background
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If you like your mascara that you are using now but still sometimes bothers you to put on, don’t worry there is a way to make your own mascara by yourself!



This is easy!



Take off the brush until the edge of bottle, and bend the brush hard by using the edge of bottle!



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Just be careful and don’t push hard. It might broke, so please test it with old mascara before you try it.


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