The three puchi-pura skin lotions that lead you to beautiful skin!


Would you like to acquire beautiful skin without paying a lot?

Many Japanese women also yearn for beautiful skin and love to research effective cosmetics with a reasonable price.

Here, I’m going to give you three types of face lotion that don’t cost expensive, are beloved by a lot of women in whole Japan, and work for your skin!


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(1) naturie − Hatomugi Keshousui(ハトムギ化粧水)skin conditioner


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It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that the face lotion represents puchi-pura cosmetics.
It’s one of the cosmetics which is positioned in a higher rank of best-seller cosmetics every year.
You can use it as much as you want for the volume and the good value for the price.
Many of the fans of Hatomugi Keshosui say that they care not only face skin but also their bodies.
The reasonable price and the great volume enable you to care all parts of your body with it.
Why not trying!



(2) Rohto − Hada-Labo Gokujun hyaluronan (肌研 極潤 ヒアルロン酸)


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The skin lotion has been gathering more and more attentions as a skin lotion which has the great value for the price and a great effect on face skin.
It deeply moisturizes your skin, and many people realize the improvement of your skin condition.

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(3) I-ne − Love your skin your skin loves you Botanical water moist


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The made-in-Japan cosmetics bland has been rapidly increasing the popularity.
It has been spreading by word of mouth in SNS, and the number of repeaters are increasing.

It can be said that it’s one of the hottest items at a drug store in Japan!

%e6%9c%80%e5%be%8c How was it?
The three skin lotions I introduced above can be found most of drug stones, which makes it easy for you to have one.
In addition, they aren’t expensive, so it can be a good souvenir from Japan for your friends and family.

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