Japanese girl’s newest trend “100yen store’s nail stamp”


Painting nails yourself; you know how it’s troublesome, taking lots of time, and what if you messed on your clothes.

Today there is an incredible new idea to get cute nails easy and quick!

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What is a Nail Stamp?


Nail stamps are getting so popular right now among Japanese girls. No more paying for nail salons, no more messing around. In addition, you can buy them at 100 yen stores?! This is obviously a breakthrough into the fashion world.

This product contains special sheets and stamps in the package. You can easily get your nails fashionable by just pushing the stamps onto your nails, even it makes it possible to get complicated patterns just like it’s done by professional stylists. Couple years ago, it was usually sold for about 1000 yen which sounds normal considering the quality. However, this incredible item finally started to be sold at Can do (A Japanese chained brand 100-yen store) for just only 100 yen!


How to apply it? Let’s check this video out!




<Easy steps to beautiful nails>

  1. Create your ideal design.
  2. Put topcoat and base nail polish on your nails and dry them.
  3. Paint your favorite color nail polish which will be the pattern’s base color in a sheet.
  4. Remove extra polish around the nails with the attached cleaning stick.
  5. Push the stamp onto the sheet.
  6. Apply the sheet directly onto your nails. The point is to fix it along the curve of the nails.
  7. To finish, paste topcoat over the nails.
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Let’s see what kinds of design they’ve got!


Can do offers you many variety of patterns such as paisley, laces, hearts, ribbons and leopard.

They are always on top of the latest trendy style based on needs by people. Although it’s expected that more new and attractive designs are coming ahead. A sheet contains some different patterns. Of course, the sheet just costs 100 yen.

Would you like to try it out?


Design photos from Instagram


Flower pattern with blue and white base color polish.

This person used the heart one and pushed it as to be flower petals. The base nail polish is also one of Can do’s products called “liqueur nail polish” which is their popular item right now as well. It doesn’t look like it’s from 100 yen store at all. It feels like you became a pro-artist.



2016’s summer trendy nails, paisley patterns with tricolor.

What quality! This paisley pattern was also made by all 100-yen products. Imagine how long it will take if you try to draw it yourself.




Nail stamp is an easy, quick and reasonable amazing item. Just by a simple stamp, you can easily create your original nails. Enjoy it just the way you like at home. The high standard of quality is made by 100-yen product without feeling stress by using tiny parts or professional skills. When you visit Japan, let’s drop by 100-stores, where you may feel like to wander off into a treasure box!

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