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Three luxury cosmetics that brings you a perfect skin!

Do you suffer from dry skin during winter?
Like you, many of Japanese women suffer from skin problems during the driest season in a year.
These days, puchi-pura cosmetics (プチプラコスメ), those which are not expensive but has a good quality, are gathering their attentions in Japan, but don’t you think that you want to use expensive but super-effective cosmetics to care your skin?
For those of you, I’m going to introduce 3 popular cosmetics which are expensive but make your skin better.
Check and try it!
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The rich cream is a luxury reward to your skin, which brings you perfectly-moisturized skin.
You’ll be satisfied the effect on your skin once you start using it.
It contains an ingredient which gets rid of stress from your skin, making it relaxed.

(2)  Dior: Prestige Nectar Masks


Your skin will become as if you get a beauty salon treatment.
It contains lavish beauty components, penetrating deeply into your skin and giving it elasticity.
Using it before an important event, you’ll be confident with your skin!
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(3) De La Mer: Crème DeLa Mer


Many women say that it’s worth the expense though it’s very expensive.
The cream which has remained a long-selling cosmetic all over the world still keeps moisturizing women’s skins, makes them beautiful and attractive, and gives them elasticity.
It’s what many women yearn for.
How was it?
If you deadly want to improve your skin condition, why not trying these super-effective cosmetics?
I hope your skin has a great change!
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