Reasonable Price but Very Useful Bottoms at UNIQLO!!



UNIQLO has various kinds of knits, tops, and dawn courts in this winter season. However, there are great bottoms items as well!

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Wool Blended Mini Skirt


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This is a trapezoid shaped simple short checked skirt. It matches all types of tops since this skirt is very simple. It could be an office outfit if you wear simple tops with this skirt and could be a casual coordinates.



Extra Fine Merino Pleats Skirt


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This skirt is made from knitted materials, so it gives an impression of skinnier than usual. This fits for office coordinate with pumps.


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Merino Blended Rib Skirt


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This skirt grabbed most attentions this autumn and the popularity is still continuing to this winter!


One thing you need to be careful when you wear it in winter is being unfashionable, since it is hard to show our skins in winter.


I recommend putting the slit on the side and being more fashionable!



Moreover, chose UNIQLO shirt on top and put it inside the skirt. This way, you look more fashionable and skinnier.



I introduced useful skirts from UNIQLO, but there are some more great bottoms you could purchase with reasonable price at UNIQLO. They also have various kinds of skinny pants and jogger pants collections and you better check them!!


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