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  2. Having Problem with Your Eyes and Lips? Check Those Tips to Get Away from Annoying Skin Troubles!

Having Problem with Your Eyes and Lips? Check Those Tips to Get Away from Annoying Skin Troubles!

You might have experience that having problems with your skins around your eyes and lips even though you put skin lotions and cream as usual especially in cold winter season.



Those are secret tips to get away from annoying skin troubles!


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Thermal Sense Acupressure Treatment for Eyes



Refer to this site: http://i-voce.jp/feed/5458/



Hot eye refresh pack 25g 2000yen / Orbis



Refer to this site: http://i-voce.jp/feed/5458/


This eye serum has thermal sense effect. Put this eye serum on your skins around eyes and push a pit by the inner corner of the eyes just little bit hard. It makes you relax and your skin tone around eyes improve!



Lip Beauty Treatments at Home


Refer to this site: http://i-voce.jp/feed/5458/



A Honey Lip Scrub 20g 2800 yen

B Honey Watery Oil 12g 2000 yen

C Honey Essence Pack 8sheels 3000 yen

D Honey Melt Concentrate 16g 3500 yen (limited time only) / Vecua



You could experience Vecua salon’s beauty treatments at home with those items. Massage your lips with scrub and put oil, then pack with C for 5 to 10 minutes. Put concentration cream at the end.


Refer to this site: http://i-voce.jp/feed/5458/



You are going to have plump lips!!



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Oil and Lotion Eyes Pack


Refer to this site: http://i-voce.jp/feed/5458/



A Sol Anhelo Nature Water 150ml 2900 yen

B Sol Anhelo Nature Oil 3200 yen



Nature water is toner. It contains sunflower ceramide.

Put this toner on cotton and put it skin around eyes and wait a few minutes, then put oil on cotton. Those items make your skin softer.



Refer to this site: http://i-voce.jp/feed/5458/



Please try all of them and your eyes and lips are going to be more clear and moisturized!! 


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