Diet that prevents Alzheimer ’s disease


Research into Alzheimer’s disease has been advancing day by day, and recently various measures to prevent it is recommended.

Among the measures, dietary measures have been gathering more attention these days.

Based on a research done in America, researches and dietary measures for Alzheimer’s disease are in progress in Japan.


Today, I’m introducing the diet that prevents Alzheimer’s disease.



1. What the diet that prevents the disease is about?



As a diet to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, mind diet, which is proposed based on the researches and questionnaires done in the US, has been becoming the focus of attention.


Mind diet gives us the list of foods which are promoted to take for the possible effects to prevent the disease, and those of which we should reduce the intake.

It is said that there is data that shows that mind diet succeeded in reducing 50% of the risk that Alzheimer’s disease develops, when examinee keeps mind diet.



2. The list of foods you should eat more and less to prevent Alzheimer’s disease



The list of foods to possibly lessen the risk of Alcheimer’s disease and the adequate intake of those foods are as follows;


* green and yellow vegetables : more than six days a week

* other vegetables : at least once a day

* nuts : more than five times a week

* berries : more than twice a week

* beans : more than three times a week

* whole grains : more than three times a day

* fishes : at least once a week

* meat : more than twice a week

* olive oil : as much as possible

* wine : a glass a day


Here is the list that you should refrain from intake.


* red meat : less than four times a week

* butter : less than a table spoon a day

* cheese : less than once a week

* sweets : less than five times a week

* fast foods : less than once a week



The most important point of mind diet is that a balanced diet diminishes the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


However, before starting to have mind diet practices, you need to pay attention that this list is based on the researches done in the United States, and that for Japanese people can be slightly different from the American one.


In addition, researchers say Japanese people put more importance on reducing intake of salt, which increases blood pressure.

High blood pressure increases burden to blood vessels, and some research reveal that high blood pressure promotes dementia.

The fitness of blood vessels are essential for eliminating waste from the brain, which affects the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.



It’s assumed that having a balanced diet every day and maintaining the fitness of blood vessels promotes to get rid of the waste from your brain, leading to the reduced risk of the Alzheimer’s disease.




How was it?

Now the researches into Alzheimer’s disease and diet to reduce to prevent Alzheimer’s disease have been rapidly in progress.

I’m looking forward to see the guideline on the diet to reduce the risk of the disease!