Four recommended Japanese super-foods that bring you beauty and health!



Are you interested in super foods?

Super food, a notion that was created about 30 years ago by doctors, means foods which is highly nutritious and low in calories, have antioxidant properties, decrease the risk of cancer and lifestyle diseases, and so on.

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Usually, super foods that have been introduced by media in Japan are imported foods, which are quite new to people in Japan, such as, acai, chia seed and spirulina.


However, do you know that some Japanese traditional foods are regarded as super foods?

Today, I’m going to introduce four super foods from Japanese traditional foods.

I’m sure you know some.

Read it, make the most use of these foods in your daily life, and be more healthy and beautiful!



(1) Natto (納豆)


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I know, some of you think OH NO!, because natto is one of Japanese foods that make you surprised when you see it for the first time.

However, it helps to improve your enteral environment, resulting in the improvement of immune system and skin condition.

These days you can find less sticky natto, so it’s a good choice that you try less sticky one in order to improve your health and beauty!



(2) Green tea



Some women in other countries conclude that the reason why Japanese women look young is that they drink green tea every day.

It’s absolutely true that green tea is a traditional Japanese food that takes root in our daily lives, and it is now regarded as a super food!

Maybe many of you have already known that green tea contains much catechin, which has strong bacteria-killing and an anti-aging effects, and moderately elevate blood pressure and blood-sugar level.

Do you know the notion “whole foods” ?

It’s the thought that eating a food in whole, without disposing any part of a food, is good for you in order to take more nutrition.

On the basis of the idea, green tea is perfect, and macha, powdered green tea, is especially good for your healty.

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(3) Amazake (甘酒)


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It is sweet fermented drink made with fermented rice, and again has recently been gathering people attention as a healthy food in Japan.

In Edo period, people drank amazake in summer for preventing lethargy.

It contains rich vitamin B and essential amino acid, which improve skin condition.

Because of the growing popularity, you can easily find amazake in a supermarket.

If you don’t like to drink something sweet but are interested in amazake, I recommend that you should try amazake with yogurt.

It tastes very nice!



(4) Miso (味噌)




It’s not exaggeration to say that miso is the king of fermented foods in Japan.

Miso contains rich lactic bacterium and isoflavone, which prevent from increasing cholesterol and arterial sclerosis, and improve your skin condition.

It’s better that you eat miso without heating, because heat lessens the positive effects on your health.

Eating miso with vegetable stick salad is one of the best way to eat miso without lessening positive effects on your health.





How is it?

Japanese traditional foods which are regarded as super foods root in our daily lives and it’s not so difficult to live with those foods.

When you are in Japan, why not try these super foods!


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