How long a fish can be stored in a frozen state?


Indeed, it’s a heavy task for wives who think of what to cook every day.

They need to choose good foods within their budget, and cook a delicious and nutritious meal for family.

It’s hard to meet the two requirements, isn’t it?


I think many of you have had a problem when you bought too many fishes because they were foods on offer at a supermarket: how to preserve them?


In fact, storing fishes in a frozen state helps you save both time and money!


This time, I’m introducing the way to store them and answering frequently asked questions about it.

Check and save your time and money!


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1.Making fishes frozen helps you a lot in the future!



The major reason that I recommend that you should make them frozen is that you can cook only the amount you need when you want to.

It’s very convenient, isn’t it?

It’s OK to put fishes in a freezer if you don’t have a time, but I recommend that you should cook them first then put them in a freezer.


If you love fried fishes, it’s nice to make them coated in batter.

Doing so, you just take out and fry them.

For those who love boiled fishes, just complete to cook them then make them frozen.


In this way, you can save both money and time when you have enough time to make fishes ready to cook or eat.



2. How can I maintain the taste and freshness of frozen fishes?



Move on to the next topic; how to preserve fishes with good taste and freshness in a freezer?


This is the way to store fishes; take their guts out, rinse them, pat dry on paper towel, wrap them in each then put them in a freezer.


I strongly recommend that you should start working as soon as possible.

Quick preservation helps to maintain the freshness and the taste of fishes.


When you buy fillets and want to preserve them, such as a codfish and salmon, which are unfrozen and sold, it’s nice to season them before storing them in a freezer, in order not to make them less tasty.

Season them with miso, sweet cooking rice wine (mirin in Japanese), or soy sauce before putting them in a freezer!

When you want to use them, the only things you have to do are to make them unfreezed and grill them!


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3. How long can fishes be stored in a frozen state?


When you put uncooked fishes in a freezer, a rough best-before date is two to three weeks.

Cooked fishes can be stored for three to four weeks.


They don’t go bad, but those stored in a freezer too long lose flavor, so you have to be careful.



4. What is the best way to make them unfrozen?



The best way to make fishes unfrozen is to leave them out to thaw in a fridge, which needs more time to be ready to cook though prevents them from deteriorating in flavor.


You can make them unfrozen in a microwave, but I don’t recommend it to you.

This is because that a microwave cannot evenly unfreeze foods.

If you want to make them ready to cook as soon as possible, put them in a freezing bag and run it under flowing water.




How was it?

In Japan, the prices of fishes at a supermarket greatly vary in different time, so it’s a nice choice to buy them a lot when they are cheap, and make them frozen in a way described above!


With seasoned or cooked frozen fishes in a freezer, you can cook various dishes with them even though you are busy.


Why not try?



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