Candies and snacks perfect for souvenirs of Japan!


Are you usually able to choose what to buy as a souvenir for your friends?

If you have a trouble to find a perfect souvenir of Japan, how about choosing Japanese popular snacks and candies?

There are some snacks and candies which are popular among non-Japanese people and which you can buy at a supermarket.


Today, I introduce some of them!


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(1) Kit Kat


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As a souvenir of Japan, It has fascinated not only people in Japan but also in other countries, because new flavors are released every year, and there are many flavors limited to a special area.

You can find Kit Kat at a supermarket in some countries.

However, outside Japan, there are few varieties of flavors, such as, normal chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Your friends will be happy to receive a type of Kit Kat that they haven’t seen before!



(2) Pocky


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In the same way as Kit Kat, Pocky is very popular as a souvenir of Japan because of various flavors.

Especially, Japanese-inspired flavors such as macha flavor, are frequently chosen as a perfect souvenir.

Because of the popularity, you can find some at souvenir shops in international airports in Japan.

If you don’t have a time to buy them, don’t worry!


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(3) Marshmallow


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You can find marshmallows in most of the countries, and some of you may not know the reason why they are popular as a souvenir of Japan.

In fact, this is because that Japanese marshmallows possess a natural color, and taste are soft, contrary to those in other countries, which has a vivid color and taste is too sweet.

Those with strawberry and blueberry jam is especially popular among women.

In addition, rare flavors such as tea and Calpis enjoy popularity among women and children.



(4) Old Japanese-style cheap candy (Dagashi/駄菓子)


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Old Japanese-style cheap candies, called Dagashi in Japanese, are growing popularity as souvenirs.

You can’t miss buying if you find an assortment of cheap candies including Umaibou (うまい棒), Ninjin (にんじん), Maeda-no-cracker (前田のクラッカー), Konjac jerry (コンニャクゼリー), Baby-star-Ramen (ベビースターラーメン), corn potage snack (コーンポタージュスナック), milk boro (ミルクボーロ), Kyapetaro (キャペ太郎), Kabayakisan-taro (かばやきさん太郎), cocoa cigarette (ココアシガレット), bubble gum (バブルガム).



(5) Poppin Cokkin’ series


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It’s a candy that you can make and eat.
Seeing an instruction in a box, you can make a rice ball, some vegetables and small foods with soft candies, and put them in a lunch box.
It’s popular mainly among children, but it’s loved by adults as a souvenirs in other countries.





How was it?
Some of candies may be rare for you and your friends, thus let’s pop into a supermarket near your hotel, and enjoy choosing some as souvenirs!




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