Popular Japanese snacks best 10!

Popular Japanese souvenirs for tourists have something in common!!


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⑴ available in convenient store, supermarket, and 100-yen shop    

⑵ price is about between 100-yen~300-yen per each          

⑶ taste or things could get only in Japan

⑷ the size, easy to hand to people    


① Kit-Kat

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As you know, Kit-Kat is already a world famous chocolate, but flavor which limited only in Japan is especially popular as souvenirs. Green tea is one of the most popular flavors for tourists from Asian countries. Green tea flavor could be loved by some and hated by others, but it is very popular especially for tourists from Southeast Asian.

Limited time offer only flavors and limited to region only flavors are very popular to tourists from Europe and America.




② Jyagariko

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Jyagariko is very popular with Japanese. Jyagariko is loved by all generation because it has limited time offer only flavors and limited to convenience store only flavors.

It is not only good as snacks but also good as nibbles for drinks for tourists who love drinking. Some tourists purchase several kind of Jyagariko right before their boarding and enjoy them in the plane. Curry flavor is especially popular. Some tourists eat all the souvenirs before they go back to their home. Things like this often happen.


③ Marshmallow

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Marshmallow in the U.S and Europe is mostly colorful and has flavor to it, but marshmallow in Japan mostly has jam or flavor inside the marshmallow. Fruits jam flavor and chocolate flavor inside the marshmallows are most popular with tourists. Black sesame flavor and Calpico flavor are also popular especially with women and children.

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④ Gummi Candy

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Have you ever tried gummi candy from other countries? I honestly don’t like gummi candy from the U.S.

Sweden Fish and HARIBO are really popular but these have strong flavor and too much food coloring. The reasons why tourists from all other countries like gummi candy in Japan are because the texture is different between each makers and it tastes real fruits flavor.

Gummi with vitamin and collagen are especially popular with women!



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People could buy HI-CHEW not only in Japan but HI-CHEW in Japan is popular because people think it tastes the best! It is one of the appeals that Japanese HI-CHEW has various kinds of flavors. It is easy to bring and it doesn’t take space in suitcase, so a lot of tourists buy it by the case.


⑥ Pocky 

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It is not too much to say that Pocky is the most famous Japanese chocolate snacks for other countries. Japan has various kinds of pocky such as limited time offer only Pocky, very thin Pocky, Men’s Picky etc… there are some tourists try to get different kinds of Pocky from convenience store and super market as much as possible.


⑦ Yukinoyado

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Yukinoyado has a salty-sweet addictive taste and it makes people tend to eat it a lot. Senbei is relatively popular with tourists but some people don’t like it because too much soy sauces taste. People who don’t like strong soy sauces taste tend to like this Senbei. Yukinoyado is easy to eat because it is individual packing with two pieces of Senbei for each package. It also goes well with coffee and tea.


⑧ Kakipi

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People could be Kakipi-holic by eating just one bite.

It is popular with people who love drinking and also children too. Some tourists buy it and put it on the salad. They said they could enjoy the nice texture with little bit of spiciness.


⑨ Cheeza

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Cheeza is most popular cheese flavor snack in Japan.

It is popular regardless of gender and goes well with drinking. It is also popular with children.


⑩ Curl

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Curl is also popular snack which we can enjoy various kind of flavors. It is popular because we could feel light taste after eat it and could enjoy the strong taste but not that heavy as potato chips.

It’s nice we could choose whether with cup or bag depends on the situations.


One point advice for oversea travel!

It is better to bring some snacks or sweets from Japan as a souvenir when you go for oversea travel. People who tell you direction when you get lost and people at the front desk and host at hotel,,, you can express the thankful to those people who treat you well during your trip and it could be an opportunity to get close with people by giving them souvenir.

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