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  2. Now showing! ‘Deadpool’ is recording the highest domestic box office which exceeded 711 million yen for only 5 days

Now showing! ‘Deadpool’ is recording the highest domestic box office which exceeded 711 million yen for only 5 days

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Source: http://animeanime.jp/article/img/2016/06/06/28851/87788.html

‘Deadpool’ been showing since 1st of June is in the public eye. In the first day, the box office recorded 164,190,000 yen albeit on Wednesday. Further, it’s a great hit that it reached 710 million yen for 5 days.


Do you know ‘Deadpool’ is one of the ‘Marvel Comics’ works, like ‘Spider-Man’, ’Iron Man’? Although this characteristic is weird and irresponsible unlike other heroes, he is loved by his funs. Apparently this film is describing his freedom and irresponsibility thoroughly. And a lot of viewer has regarded it highly because of this story line which he will revenge a man who is used him as a guinea pig and violent actions which is restricted in Japan.


In more than 120 countries, including the US, it was also a great hit and recorded the highest box office among restricted films in the opening. In Japan, it started showing from 1st of June. Besides it was well attended due to falling on the discount day. Thus the box office has exceeded 100 million yen since the first day. When it comes to office box on weekend, it reached 383,330,000 yen and 248,473 viewers, so that this film overtook ‘Zootpia’ which was a prior prominent hit. For 5 days, the box office recorded 711,750,000 yen and the number of audience was more than 496,000 totally. Even though it’s restricted film, ‘Dead pool’ won the first place in the office box on either the first day or weekend.

Source: http://animeanime.jp/article/2016/06/06/28851.html

‘Deadpool’ will probably catch the most attention among all films of American comics which showed in Japan. We continue to take notice of how much the box office and viewers will record after this.

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