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  2. Let’s have a try to grab sliding white noodles with “Big Stream Some Slider”!

Let’s have a try to grab sliding white noodles with “Big Stream Some Slider”!


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Hello, guys.

Have you ever had SOMEN, thin white noodles, which is one of the popular foods for summer in Japan?

We sometimes enjoy eating it by flowing them through a bamboo slider to grab and eat, which is called Nagashi-Somen(流しそうめん).

Using “Big Stream Somen slider”, you can easily enjoy doing Nagashi-Somen at home!

Refer to the site: http://dime.jp/genre/263791/1/


Actually, this is the third version which enables people do Nagashi-Somen at home with family.

This time, the company Takara Tomy, the company which creates the machine, pursues the reality as if people enjoy doing it outdoors with bamboo sliders, and want to go beyond the category of toy.

Then, the company collaborated with Tokyo Summer Land, where there are big slides.

Refer to the site: http://dime.jp/genre/263791/1/


A completed products looks as if you have a small water slide on your table at home. The height difference is 53cm, and the slide attains a length of 3.6m. The overall size is W750×H580×D330 (two LR14 batteries are needed). It’s absolutely the biggest Nagashi-Somen machine in the world!


It’s very easy to use.

Assemble the parts of the slide, fill a poor with water up to a line inside it, and switch on. A pump inside the slide pumps up the water to the slide. Then, it’s ready to enjoy! The amount and the flow of water in the slide is changeable.

How is it?

Let’s have a try to do Nagashi-Somen with family!

I hope you enjoy it.

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