Isn’t it a figure? See the perfection of the Chopper-shaped treat!

The series of “Tabe-masu(食べマス)”, sold in the biggest convenience store chain, Seven-Eleven, is now becoming a hot topic of conversation: one of the popular character in the world-wide animation “One-piece”, Chopper, appeared in the stores as “Tabe-masu”!

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Be surprised at the quality! Some of you may doubt that it’s a figure. But, it’s Japanese-style confection called Nerikiri(練り切り). It’s too cute to eat!

“Tabe-masu(食べマス)” is a series of Japanese traditional treat sold in Seven-Eleven, produced by BANDAI CO.,LTD. In the past, the company also created some popular characters from “Yo-kai Watch” and “Doraemon” in Nerikiri, which surprised people because of the high degree of completion.

This time, because “One-Piece” recently have had the new movie, the convenience stores have started selling Chopper-Nerikiris. Now, you can find two types of Chopper-Nerikiri at Seven-Eleven stores.


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A photo from an anterior view.

Not only his cuteness but also his stripy shirt is also re-enacted very well.


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From the sides.

It reminds us of many scenes in the comics and animation that he looks up his peers happily.


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From the back.

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Chopper-Nerikiri has sweet bean paste with chocolate flavor inside it.



How is it?

You’ll see the other version related to the new movie.

Let’s check it!

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