Do you know how to make hydrogen water? The bottle which produces it simply with water or tea, ‘Pocket Premium’, is released by Kyowairyo


‘Pocket’ by Kyowairyo is a bottle of producing hydrogen water ― simply put water or tea and press the particular button ―. This latest model, ‘Pocket Premium’, is on sale on the online shop. Apparently there’re three colors, purple, blue and bronze, which adopt the color of peal white on the base and the cap, thus these look more luxurious than original one. When it comes to the concentration of hydrogen, it produces 415ppb per 10min, and 730ppb in the second time (20min). This volume is 350ml and its size is 18mm height, 7mm diameter. As for weight, it has 200g. This costs 54,000yen.


You can drink hydrogen water which it makes straightforwardly whatever you want. The way to clean it is also easy because each component, a cap, a bottle and a base, can be taken apart with a screw. These three colors are sold by Kyowairyo exclusively. Why don’t you try it for your health?



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