An ultra-directional loudspeaker “The Glass” is gonna be on sale!


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Hello, guys.

Do you usually use a loudspeaker when you listen to something?

Do you care about the quality of sound?

For those of you, just try the loudspeaker named “The Glass” manufactured by Turtle Beach.

Refer to the site:


It’s unique for it’s made with glass and is highly a directional loudspeaker.

The hearing range is right in front of the speaker.

It generates ultrasound, which enables only people in a specific area to hear sound.


It gathers a great attention not only because of its spiffy-looking, but also the way of application in the future.

The company put out a press release stating that it aims to adopt the technology to various glass products, such as a PC screen and front glass on car. It will be possible for you to listen to a loud music without an earphone in a car, your workplace, or some places with a lot of people around you.

In addition, the speaker really helps hard-of-hearing people. The ultra-directional loudspeaker can emit sounds into a limited space, which makes it relatively easy for those people to hear.

The speaker can be applicable to the area with the great necessity to protect privacy, for instance, ATM.


Some of you may think that highly directional loudspeakers are not new in the market, and several times come up in a conversation.

However, frankly speaking, for 15 years ultra-directional loudspeakers haven’t become widespread for domestic use.

How about a loudspeaker made from glass? Actually, the idea is not new, and some speakers made from it was on sale in the past. It disappeared because there were several problems: easiness to be broken, and expensiveness to repair.


Then, were there any “ultra-directional” and “made-from-glass” loudspeakers in the past? The answer is no. “The Glass” is the first loudspeaker with the high-tech combination of “ultra-directional” and “made-from-glass”! Now, Turtle Beach, which has been known as a company that produces TV-game-related equipment, is now being re-evaluated for its attempt to allocate resources to the new sphere.

The prototype of the loudspeaker can be seen for the first time at “E3”, one of the biggest exhibition for computer games.



How is it?

Let’s listen to music anywhere and anytime in a way you want to!


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