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  2. Where does it sound? ; Sony released the fascinating LED bulb which is integrated with a speaker

Where does it sound? ; Sony released the fascinating LED bulb which is integrated with a speaker

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Source: http://statics.pen-online.jp/image/upload/news/ledspeaker/ledspeaker_EGSAMZM.jpg

It seems that music is covering the whole room naturally. However, a lot of people aren’t aware that the small bulb located on the ceiling brings this atmosphere.


Sony’s new project, ‘Life Space UX’, which has a concept that discovers new experiences released ‘LED bulb speaker’, the integration of bulb and speaker on last May. Then the latest model which improves functions has been on sale now.


It’s simple to insert bulb speaker into a socket, a bulb makes sounds, literally. The size of socket is general, E26, so that it’s used by most houses. Of course battery is unnecessary due to the socket which provides the electricity directly. Therefore the usage of it is totally same to ordinary bulbs that you just screw bulb into the socket and turn on the light. As for playing music, there is an easy way that you connect this and music players with Bluetooth.

Source: http://statics.pen-online.jp/image/upload/news/ledspeaker/ledspeaker_YoV2hVA.jpg

The music from this interesting speaker resounds more widely than I expected. It doesn’t also have a less performance than the 10-inch speaker. Further the mysterious feeling where it sounds is created by this bulb which already fitted in with the room. In a case that you’re unsatisfied where you stay bigger room, equipping two bulbs on a room is perhaps a better option.


The latest product is developed with the improvement of the sound’s quality as well as the brightness which is higher than the prior by approx 1.5 times. Despite the former one was quite dark as a light in dining and living rooms, you can use it there without any concerns. Additionally, there’re new functions that are to play two speakers at the same time and to change the light’s colors out of 192 colors in this bulb.

Source: http://statics.pen-online.jp/image/upload/news/ledspeaker/ledspeaker_KVY1MFU.png

The circumstance that you don’t grasp the source of sounds makes you relatively comfortable so that you’re able to spend luxurious time at this space created by superior sounds and the relaxing light.



Name: LED bulb speaker ‘LSPX-103E26’

Price: 24,000 yen

Enquiry: Sony Corp.

Tel: 0120-777-886

URL: sony.jp/life-space-ux/introduction/

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