Show Off Your Character through SNS Profile Picture!!

What is your profile picture on SNS and LINE?

Profile picture represents you.


Would you like to give some more impact to your friends?

You could make your own special portrait by app!!


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Anime Portrait App



Refer to this site:


You could make your anime portrait easily by using this app.

There are more than 500 of hairstyles, eyes, noses, and face lines item variations you could choose from. Combinations are infinity!!


Refer to this site:



You could share your anime portrait right after you made it and you could set as your profile picture of course!



Anime Portrait App / Free Download


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Like me! Lets Make a Portrait (Sophomoric Version)


Refer to this site:



You might think of what is sophomoric version of portrait?

Sensibility of sophomore grade is very unique and funny but little bit eccentric and dark at the same time. We call it “Chyunibyou” in Japan. This app has lots of items, which connect to Chyunibyou, and you could create your unique and funny portrait.


Refer to this site:


You could put letter like “Happy Birthday” on the portrait and there are present items as well. It is great for birthday present to your friends and family.


Like me! Lets Make a Portrait (Sophomoric Version) / Free Download




Like me! Lets Make a Portrait (Graffiti Version)


Refer to this site:


This is same app as I introduced earlier but different version!

You could either choose “make it your own” or “make it by answer the questions”.


Refer to this site:



If you choose “make is by answer the questions”, some questions appear on screen. After you answer some questions, the app creates your portrait based on your answer. You could also customize your portrait after you get your portrait.



Refer to this site:



Like me! Lets Make a Portrait (Graffiti Version) / Free Download






How do you like those portrait apps?


You might get more likes and shares after changing your profile picture to one of those portrait!

Make your only one created portrait in the world!!

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