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  2. Starbucks Christmas Limited Time Offer in Japan!! (Offer until 12/25)

Starbucks Christmas Limited Time Offer in Japan!! (Offer until 12/25)

Do you like to drink Starbucks? 

If your answer is "YES", please check the following out! 
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1 Matcha White Chocolate


Refer to this site: http://more.hpplus.jp/morehapi/article/macha/gourmet_news/17699



Starbucks offers special flavored Frappuccino from 12/14 and you could only taste it by 12/25! This is only 12 days limited time offer from Starbucks during Christmas season in Japan!



“Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino”




This is for all the Matcha lovers of course! and also for people who don’t usually prefer sweet tested Frappuccino!



There is Matcha souse on the bottom of the Frappuccino. It tastes bitter and strong. When you mix it well with white chocolate, the miracle happens!! Your tiredness goes away by drinking Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino!



Refer to this site: http://more.hpplus.jp/morehapi/article/macha/gourmet_news/17699



“Hot Matcha White Chocolate” is also limited time offer drink!

This is little bit bitter than the Frappuccino, so drink those Starbucks with your partner in freaking cold Christmas season!


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2 Surprise & Delight Share the Joy Ticket 16


Refer to this site: http://more.hpplus.jp/morehapi/article/macha/gourmet_news/17699



There are not only drinks but also great Christmas Present from Starbucks!!


“Surprise & Delight Share the Joy Ticket 16”


This is only for Starbucks memberships, but you could get one more same drink for free when you order a drink using this coupon ticket.

For example, you order one Hot Matcha White Chocolate and get one more Hot Matcha White Chocolate! So you are be able to share with your partner or your friends!! This ticket offers very good deal and there is no other way than trying it! Starbucks offers this tickets until 12/25 as well.





3 Holiday Share Ticket



Refer to this site: http://more.hpplus.jp/morehapi/article/macha/gourmet_news/17699



Most people know about Starbucks Card. There are some different designed cards from each area and some people have one or two of it because it’s cute!



However, do you know the advantage of having Starbucks card?


When you charge 5000 yen into the Starbucks card during the Christmas season, you could get a free drink ticket! The name of this campaign is “Find your Favorite Ticket”, and you can choose any drink from the menu. It doesn’t matter the size! So, you could order one Venti size Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino!!




Refer to this site: http://more.hpplus.jp/morehapi/article/macha/gourmet_news/17699




You could only taste Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino in Japan!

Now, hurry up and get your free Matcha drink from Starbucks with your great company on your Christmas!!


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