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About Coin lockers in Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea



First thing I did right after I got to Tokyo Disney Land was finding a coin locker.


I took airport shuttle bus from Haneda airport to Disney Land.

I found coin lockers right after I got off and those were very easy to find because it’s in front of the bus station of Disney Land.

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I got there like around lunchtime on weekdays but some lockers were still available. There are large numbers of coin lockers but it might be full during weekends and holidays.



The Size of Coin Lockers


There are various kinds of size for the coin lockers at the Disney Land bus station.

I brought the big luggage.

The size is (W) 55cm x (L) 30cm x (H) 80cm.




It perfectly fit into the largest size locker!



The price was 700 yen for the largest coin locker, and less than 700 yen for the smaller size.






You will find a coin locker to put your stuff since there are a lot of them.


Since the number of visitors increase, we might need to be little careful and it is better to go early to get a locker when we go to Tokyo Disney Land & Sea on weekends and holidays!!

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