Staying at Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel



I stayed at Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel.

Celebration Hotel consists of two separated towers, Wish Tower and Discover Tower.

We chose to stay at “Wish Tower” this time!


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How to get to the Celebration Hotel from Disney Land?



There are airport shuttle buses from Haneda airport to Tokyo Disney Land, but these shuttle buses doesn’t go to celebration hotel.

If you are planning to stay at celebration hotel, you can take free shuttle buses from Disney Land. The bus stop is by the entrance of Disney Land. Take number 5 to get to the hotel.





How far from the Disney Land?




It takes about 15 minutes to the hotel from the Disney Land.

Most people went back to the hotel after watched parade show at night, so the bus was pretty packed around that time.


We had kind of hard time in a packed bus since my kids are 3 years old and 4 years old.


It was just a 15 minutes but it was 15 minutes,,,

It feels much longer than 15 minutes in a crowd especially when we are tired.


For your extra information, the bus was packed again on the way to Disney Land from the hotel in the next morning….


My kids got bored and tired, and started to say “I am tired!” and “are we still on the way?” in a bus made me feel annoying as well…


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Rooms of Celebration Hotel




We stayed Celebration Hotel with my wife, and two kids (3yrd & 4yrd).

There were two single beds, two studio couches, and one small table in our hotel room. There were also TV, small refrigerator, a safe, and kettle.


There is no water bottle in a room, but according to the front staff, tap water in the bathroom is safe to drink, so we used tap water to make tea and coffee.


Toilet in the room is with Toto Washlet! Washlet is a name of brand, which Toto Company produced. It is high-tech toilet comes with auto-bidet function with remote controller. It is now very common in Japan.


The bathroom was little bit tiny but enough for one person to use. There was separated small bathtub too.


The room was cute of course!

There were cute pictures on the wall and my kids were super excited about it.




There were souvenir stores and convenience store at the 1st floor of the hotel. That was a one of the best things! Convenience store was Lawson. The prices of some products were little higher than the regular convenience store, but they had Disney products as well.



This is water bottle we bought at the Lawson. The package was all Disney version and cute! 180 yen for a water bottle was little pricy though…



Lawson opens 24/7!!



I didn’t like to carry all the heavy souvenirs while we were in Disney Land, so this souvenir store at hotel helped me a lot.






Those are my records of Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime!!



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