What is the BEST (Fastest and Cheapest) Way to go to Tokyo Disney Land from Haneda Airport?



This time, I asked some of my friends for some advice anything about Tokyo Disney Land before I visit.


One of those things I asked about was this question: “What is the best way to get to the Tokyo Disney Land?”

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I was planning to go there by taking monorail from Haneda airport to the Hamamatsucho Station and then, transfer to trains before I asked to one of my friends.







According to my friend, it is way faster taking airport shuttle from Haneda airport to get there!



Sometimes it takes time to transfer to another train. It is exhausting to transfer to different trains, especially for the family with kids.


It takes only 30 minutes by airport shuttle and this is the fastest way!!


How about the money wise?


When I calculated the prices for train tickets, the price was 910 yen for round tickets per person.

In my family case, there are 2 adults and 2 kids, (but kids are free) so it costs 1820 yen for total. It takes about an hour to get to the Tokyo Disney Land and we transferred twice.



It costs 2500 yen by Airport shuttle, so it is cheaper to take trains!



Where can we get tickets for airport shuttle?




I could buy airport shuttle tickets at the information center by the Haneda airport arrival exit. It located right side from luggage pick-up.


They accept credit card!


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Where is the airport shuttle stop?


I use Japan Airline this time and the shuttle stop is located at South Wing, No. 6.









Airport shuttle is the fastest when you go to Tokyo Disney Land from Haneda airport.


The cheapest way is train, but if you go with your kids older than 6 years old, airport shuttle is cheaper!


In addition, I personally think airport shuttle is the best because it takes you directly to the entrance of Disney Land!




Please check out the official website for airport shuttle is following:



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