Don’t Miss It! How to Choose Snowboarding Board For Beginners!

Winter season came and it is time to go snowboarding! If you are going to snowboard for first time this winter, I would like to recommend how to find a collect board for you!

I would like to suggest where you should get and how much you should pay for it.

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Where To Get A Board?

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First thing you should be aware of is if there is a professional staff at the shop or not. Of course, it is better with professional staff and I would recommend asking some questions to staff before you purchase one. There are some great boards online and sometimes they are cheaper than the purchasing at the store, but I honestly don’t recommend getting it online since you cannot actually see it till you receive it. I heard some people got it online and failed.


Second of all, I don’t recommend getting it from large sport shop for beginners because there are usually staff with not that much knowledge of snowboard, so it is hard to get collect information from them.


I really recommend purchasing it at “Pro-shop”. Staffs at this shop tell you some information for board and wears of course, they also tell you great info about where to go for snowboarding and more.



How Much to Get A Board?

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Brand new board is expensive and used is cheaper as you know. It depends on where and what you are going to get but the price range is about between 30,000 and 90,000 yen.

Now you might have a question “why there is that much price differences?” It is easy. More expensive is better quality. Performance gets low the cheaper a board. Therefore, I don’t recommend purchasing cheap board for beginners. It is hard to snowboard and it wouldn’t be fun.

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What is Good Board for Beginners?

For beginners I would like to recommend soft board. Soft board is easier to handle since it bend a lot more than the hard one. So, it is good for beginners! In addition, I would recommend a short board. Short board is easier to control than the longer one.


If your height are…


175cm (Men): Your height – 20cm

170cm (Men): Your height – 15cm

155cm (Women): Your height – 10cm


Ex): If your height is 155cm, you should get a 145cm board.



Width of the board would be -1cm than your size of boots is the best. It is danger getting too narrow width board.


There are Camber, Rocker, Double Camber, and Flat Camber for the shape of the boards. Camber and Rocker are the basic shape, so beginners should get one of those shapes.

How Much Is Going To Be Getting Board, Boots and Binding?

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It depends which bland you are going to purchase but boots are about 2,000yen, binding is about 15,000yen, and board is about 50,000yen.



It is very important to gather some information about snowboarding before you start to look around the shops. How much you are able to spend purchasing board and how often you are going to use them.


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