Finally!! 3D Printer for Home Use!

I think most people know what the 3D printer is.

However, do you know we could use 3D printer at our home?



And if you could have one, what do you want to create?


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Da Vinci Jr. 2.0 MIX is Easy to Use!


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Da Vinci Jr. 2.0 MIX is small size 3D printer, which could use at home. The size is 420 x 430 x 380mm.


Surprisingly, it is very affordable price! It’s only 89,800yen!


This 3D printer adopts dual feed system.


That means it could output two different colors of filaments from one nozzle. Therefore, you could create colorful works by using 3 kinds of outputs, which are “single color”, “many colors”, and “gradations”.




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In addition, it was important to keep the printer even with the ground when you use it. However, this 3D printer has auto calibration, so it keeps the printer even with the ground by itself.


Now, you might understand how this DaVinci Jr. 2.0 MIX is easy to use. However, you might still wonder how to make the 3D data.


No need to worry!

You could download free software that you need by registering to XYZ Printing Japan membership.


Refer to this site:



3D modeling free soft “XYZmaker” is made for users who trying to use 3D printer for first time. Therefore, it is very easy to use and handle.


Moreover, you could simulate works that you created automatically using by free software “XYZware”.


Refer to this site:



In addition, it’s ok if you don’t know how to do 3D modeling!


Refer to this site:



There are some office appliances, accessories, related products of smart phone, and data for 3D model at XYZ gallery you could see. It is possible to keep and share your 3D data if you would like to.


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Using 3D Printer by Using Your Smart Phone!!


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So, now there is a question.

Can we use 3D printer without PC?



The answer is “YES”!!


You could printout through your phone by using smart phone app, “XYZ Gallery”. You could time save of data transfer by connecting with SD card. You could connect with Wi-Fi, of course!



Eco to Earth!



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This 3D printer saves energy about more than 30% compares to other 3D printers! Moreover, it uses cornstarch for filaments, so it is very eco to human and the earth.



The maximum size you could create by this 3D printer is 15 x 15 x 15cm.



There is customer support if you have any concerns and questions!


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