How to Deal with iPhone Battery in Cold Weather



Apple devices work under the certain temperature and it doesn’t work correctly when it’s too hot and also too cold. Apple officially announced that apple devices work correctly under 0°~35℃, so please use iOS device at places where the temperature is between 0°~35℃. The Battery drains fast when you use device in a cold weather like under 0℃ and sometimes your iPhone shuts down suddenly even you have charged your phone.


I changed my phone like 6 month ago. However, that happened to me a lot this winter…and that annoys me so much!! And I finally found some affective ways for this situation.


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No 1 Put the iPhone in an iPhone case



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It is so simple you just need to put your iPhone into an iPhone case!

It is better to choose cases made by polycarbonate, ABS plastic, silicon, or lather. Those materials are hard to conduct heat, so it is the best to get iPhone case made by those materials. Get a case with cover would be better!




No 2 Don’t Take Out the iPhone Outside


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Once you take out your iPhone outside of cold winter weather, iPhone becomes cold easy and battery dies fast. However, put the iPhone in a warm place for a while later and your iPhone works regularly.

From this experience, I decided not to use my iPhone outside and keep my phone warm. I use iPhone only in a train and inside of buildings.


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No 3 Put the iPhone in near your body



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This is the most effective way!

You could prevent to your iPhone gets cold by putting it into pocket of your jeans or anywhere near your body heat.




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Some people put iPhone into pockets of their jackets or jeans with heat pad. It is great idea when you are outside in freezing cold places. However, it is danger to put an iPhone under the high temperature atmosphere and it might give some damages to the iPhone according to support page of Apple store.




The point is don’t let it cold and warm too much and use it in a comfortable temperature.


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