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  2. Get Over a Cold Winter Morning!! Improve the Circulation of the Blood By Great Habit!!

Get Over a Cold Winter Morning!! Improve the Circulation of the Blood By Great Habit!!



It tends to cause blood circulation failure in winter. Keeping your body cold affects in a bad way for your skins too!

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The temperature of the outside gets low and hot pot makes us feel great in winter weather. Our bodies try to keep temperatures stainable by shrinking blood vessels.



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Especially in the morning, the temperatures of our bodies are lower than usual and the temperature of outside is low, so it takes time to warming up our bodies.



It is bad for your body cycle and your skins to keep your body temperature low.





What is great habit for freezing winter morning?



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1 Massage your ears for 1min.


There are a lot of pressure points in human’s ears and those are connected to various parts of our body. It is very effective to press your ears! You could improve your circulation of the blood just to massage whole ears when you wake up. It also helps your body to wake up faster.


It is very easy to do it!

Press, pull, and push ears around! Don’t do it hard. It is better you feel confortable and relaxed when you do it.

It makes your body warm and your skin torn is going to be better!



2 Drink hot boiled water instead of cold water!


You are hydrating when you wake up even you are not thirsty. It is very important to drink water in the morning for your body cycle. Drinking hot boiled water is the best especially cold winter morning. I recommend you to take your time to drink it. Hot water makes your innards warmer and improves the circulation of the blood. That way it makes easier to excrete body wastes.



3 Do quick stretches in bed


Stretching your body even only 3 minutes makes your body warmer and makes you easy to get out of your bed!


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What is the Tip for doing those as everyday habit?



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Those habits I just explained earlier are not only good during winter cold weather but also great habit for whole season!

It is the best way to do things as a habit with minimum efforts.

We could keep doing things if we like it!


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