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Don’t Miss It! Japanese Festival You Could Only Experience in Winter BEST 5



There are various kinds of festivals holding throughout the year in Japan. Most of festivals are holding especially during the summer and autumn. However, there are some Japanese festivals are holding only during winter that you must experience once in your lifetime.

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1 Sapporo Snow Festival (Hokkaido)


Refer to this site: https://travel.mdpr.jp/travel/detail/1650279


One of the most famous festivals in winter is Sapporo Snow Festival.

This festival is held in Main Street of Sapporo and it is about 1.5 kilometers. There are various kinds of artworks on the street!



Refer to this site: https://travel.mdpr.jp/travel/detail/1650279



There are some food stalls and some rest areas as well.



Refer to this site: https://travel.mdpr.jp/travel/detail/1650279



It is better to go there at night because all the artworks are lighted up. Just don’t forget to wear some warm clothes its freezing in Hokkaido especially at night!


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2 Yokote Kamakura Festival (Akita)



Refer to this site: https://retrip.jp/articles/2597/



Yokote Hamakura Festival has 450 years history and it represents winter festival in Akita. Kamakura is name of Japanese igloo made by snow.

Lots of snows piled during winter in Yokote city, so people in Yokote make more than 100 Kamakura and enjoying some times inside Kamakura. Many people visit there to see those beautiful Kamakura and Yokote people.




3 Aizu Decorated Candle Festival (Fukushima)



Refer to this site: https://www.fukushimatrip.com/617



Aizu Decorated Candle Festival is held in early February.

Decorated Candle in Aizu has long history in Aizu and it is also traditional crafts as well. It made by hands from the begging till the end.

They added other illumination event from this year.




4 Nagasaki Lantern Festival (Nagasaki)



Refer to this site: https://retrip.jp/articles/2597/


Nagasaki Lantern Festival is based on Chinese New Years Festival. There are more than one million people visit to Nagasaki to see it every year.


This festival is held 15 days straight and you could see more than fifteen thousands of various colored lanterns at a same time!


Refer to this site: https://retrip.jp/articles/2597/



You could also enjoy dragon dance, Chinese acrobat, and Chinese music.




5 Chichibu Night Festival (Saitama)



Refer to this site: http://navi.city.chichibu.lg.jp/p_festival/1030/



Chichibu Night Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Japan as well as Kyoto Gion Festival and Hidaka Mountain Festival.

This festival is held on December 2 and 3 every year.


This is famous for people could enjoy the Japanese traditional “Leading Float” and fireworks at the same time!

This festival is also recorded UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage lately.





Winter in Japan is freezing cold but it is worth it!

And please don’t forget to keep yourself warm!


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