You Could Loose 11 Pounds within 1 month?!  (The Great Way to Shape Up Body which Beauty bloggers Have Tried!)



We have been partying and partying a lot at the end of year and it is hard to burn calories we ate and drunk especially this cold winter season. So, I would like to introduce great ways to loose weight, which beauty bloggers have tried!


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Eat Law Food During Day time & Before You Eat


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Daytime is said to be time to detox. So, try to eat fruits and smoothies to clean up inside of your body! You could loose body weight obviously form the beginning and you are not going to be hungry somehow.



Smoothies Recipe by Chiha


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1 Anti-aging Smoothie

Mix Berries (1/2 bag)

Potherb Mustard (4 to 6 bunches)

Maqui Berry Powder (1 tbsp)



2 Iron and Enzyme Smoothie

Pineapple (1/3)

Spinach (4 to 6 bunches)

Chia Seeds (1 tbsp)




Put everything in a mixer and just mix together!

Those smoothies and fruits are very healthy and tasty! It is not hard to keep continuing this. So, this is great way to start loosing your weight.


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Eat Law Food Before Lunch & Dinner



One more tip for loosing weight easier is eating law food before eating lunch and dinner. You just need to eat a lot of law vegetables and fresh fruits. It is better to take out vegetables and fruits from refrigerator more than an hour before you eat because cold food makes your body cold. It is hard to burn calories and fats when your body is cold.



Item to Help Your Motivation


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Whenever you are hungry during evening around 3 to 5 o’clock, eating tiger nuts helps your diet. Tiger nuts are naturally sweet and you have to chew a lot when you eat them. If you want to eat chocolate and couldn’t stand, I recommend you to eat dates instead of chocolate.



Meal, Water, and Massage,,,


Managing your meal and water amount are also important to get healthy and shaped body. It is great way for people who want to loose weight without any exercises.



Drink 2L of Water a day and go to the restroom more than 10 times!


Drink a cup of hot water in the morning and drink at least 500ml of water till noon. Then, drink the rest by night. The systemic circulation of body gets better by drinking a lot of water.



Drink Hot Soup for your Main Dish


Hot soup satisfies your appetite. So, drinking hot soup instead of eating plate lunch makes much difference on your body after a month!



Sliming Cosmetic


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1 Total Lift Minceur EX 200g 7300yen/ CLARINS


it leads to great shaped-up and firm skin body.



2 White Birch Body Oil 100ml 3800yen / WELEDA


This massage oil helps you to have soft and firm skin. You could loose your weight and get silky skin at the same time!


Item to Help Your Motivation


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Cobon Marvel N525 525ml 4800yen / Daiichikoubo Co.Ltd





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How do you like those ways to loose body weight I introduced?


Loosing weight is not easy but you could continue those ways without working too hard. I recommend those I introduced because you could eat 3 meals a day and you don’t have to exercise too hard.


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